How To Make A Charcoal Barbecue?


There are few better ways to unwind with the family or with friends than with a good, delicious barbeque in the backyard. Few grills offer the authentic, smoky flavor that a charcoal grill provides, but charcoal grills can have a high price tag smacked on them, especially if you’re cooking for a lot of people.

barbecue supplies

The good news is that it’s not too difficult to build your own charcoal barbecue! With some simple barbecue supplies and a little handiwork, you can put together a grill that works and provides you with that flavorful taste you desire. Here is how to make a charcoal barbecue!

barbecue supplies

Step 1

It’s important to come up with an idea of how your charcoal grill will look and what it will be able to do. Get the materials and supplies you need ready, too. Here is a list of what you may need:

  1. a) Cement mix
  2. b) Mortar
  3. c) Trowel
  4. d) Firebrick
  5. e) Rebar
  6. f) Metal add-ons and features


Step 2

Pick a part of your garden or backyard that has even, flat ground to serve as your foundation and base. Take measurements of where you want the barbecue to be and allocate a space of about 50 feet squared. Remove any debris, rocks, or objects that prevent flat ground.

barbecue supplies

Step 3

Prepare the cement and apply it to the chosen area. Smooth the cement down with a trowel. Consider allowing the back of the pit area to be raised to allow for water run off. Leave to set overnight. On the same day, soak your bricks and leave overnight to make them easier to assemble.


Step 4

Begin to lay your bricks out in a straight line. Start from the back and work your way forward, leaving a 2” border of empty concrete around them. Do not place the bricks flush against each other; leave about a half inch of space in between them. Continue to lay bricks in a U shape. Once done, add a second layer of bricks and ensure that they are evenly stacked.


Step 5

Prepare more concrete. Remove the bricks from where they are laid, remembering where you placed them, and apply a smooth layer of concrete throughout the work surface. Apply the first layer to the foundational cement and ensure they are level. Slide the concrete in the empty spaces between the bricks. Keep working and adding bricks layer by layer until you reach the height you desire. Leave to set overnight.


Step 6

Start making the hearth area with bricks again, laying them on the inner sides of the walls. Work the same way with the concrete until they reach a height you want.


Step 7

Use rebar material by setting them into the still wet cement, evenly spacing about three separate sections of them. Do this some a few rows beneath, repeating if you need to. This is where your drip pan will go.


Step 8

Finish laying bricks along the inner sides, continuing until you have a spot to build your fire. Let dry overnight.


Step 9

Incorporate any additional add-ons and features.


Step 10

Allow up to ten days for the barbecue to set before using.



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