Maintaining Solar Powered Lights in Winter


Are you worried about lighting your home during winter? You are not sure of how you can maintain your outdoor lights in the winter period? Well, worry no more. Here you will be able to get important tips for achieving all this.

Solar garden lights are Ideal for lighting you’re outdoors. They are easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and they can help in cutting the cost of electricity.

Now, take some time to go through the following tips that will help you in maintaining your solar lights in winter.

Solar garden lights

How to maintain your solar lights in winter

  1. Battery replacement

Solar lights use rechargeable batteries, it is the norm for you to replace the batteries after every 2 yrs in a bid to maintain maximum capacity. During long winters or extreme weather condition is then advisable for you to replace the battery after 1 year. Doing this will keep your solar lights helpful until the winter is over.

Solar garden lights

  1. Charging before use

This will play an important role in ensuring you outdoor is lighten up the whole winter period. Therefore don’t install your solar powered lights immediately after purchase. Ensure that they are charged first. You can also maintain the cycle of charging during the day and discharging during the night. This helps the batteries to charge to their full capacity.

Solar garden lights

  1. Keep the solar panel clean

A clean solar panel plays a significant role in absorbing solar energy that will keep your lights on continuously. A dirty solar panel makes it difficult to charge during the day. This can greatly impact the lives of the lights battery.

In ensuring its cleanness you should make it a point of wiping down the solar panel using a dry cloth and warm soapy water at least once a while. You can also use clear spray paint to reduce the cloudiness of the solar panel.

Solar garden lights

  1. Store the solar lights properly

You should always keep the lights safe when they are not in use. You can store them indoors as you wait for the winter period. Make sure that they are kept in a dark room. Possible storage places include a garage, basement or utility sheds. Ensure that the storage places are dry.

Solar garden lights

  1. Place the solar panel in the right way

This will help the solar panel in absorbing more direct sunlight. This will help in ensuring the lights perform as they are designed to. The solar panel getting enough sunlight also ensure that your lights batteries remain chargeable. This plays an important role in increasing their lifespan. Therefore ensure that you fix your solar panel the right way.


Following the above simple and straight forwards points, will help you in maintaining the solar-powered lights for a long time. Better maintenance enables them to serve you until the end of the winter period. Hope we have been of help for you.

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