Led Shower Head


There are different kinds of shower head. Some shower head changes the color of the water coming out by using built-in LEDs. Led shower head has different kinds of colors, colors will change according to the temperature of the water running through it.  Your bathroom will become a dreaming-world with sparking.

Led Shower HeadLED lighting color mainly includes green, blue and red. When water temperature below 31°C, green color will show automatically; When water temperature is between 32°C ~ 43°C, blue color will show automatically; When water temperature is between 44°C ~ 50°C, red color will show automatically; When water temperature is above 51°C, red color will flash immediately for alert, which means that the water is too hot and please be careful.

Intelligent Light Showers combine the use of water power with the use of force when the mini-water generators produce current bathing water, thus boosting the shower internal colored lights, showing gorgeous colors. People can refresh their spirit while they are washing.

SHOWER HEAD-2LED shower  belongs to special  bath accessories and it can be broadly divided into three types according to different functions: color, colorful and thermostat. For temperature control shower, shower intelligent light sensor, through the built-in temperature sensor device, always remind bathers temperature changes, shower lights will change with temperature changes, so when it is low temperature, you might not feel worry, you can enjoy the pleasure of bathing.

Led Shower Head

Random colorful light showers will change, so that your bathroom is full of color, like into the fairy tale world. When it is without batteries, water is automatically light, in line with the current concept of energy saving.

Led Shower Head

It has an excellent quality, and it is the achievement of international brand-name solid guarantee. For LED shower, more stringent tests will be conducted continuously tested under high-pressure water, to ensure that no problems inside the motor, temperature controller and LED work.


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