Latest Xiaomi Security IP Camera for Outdoor


The XIAOMI smart outdoor security camera can provide full HD 1080P video images with a maximum frame rate of 20 frames per second, supports better night vision without interference, and is IP65 dustproof and waterproof and suitable for various outdoor locations.

IP camera

The Design

This smart XIAOMI outdoor security camera is equipped with a round housing that rests on a magnetic base. This magnetic mount allows us to place the Xiaomi IP camera on a refrigerator, fence, or other metal surface that allows magnetization. This way the camera remains less visible and we can hide it anywhere. This new compact version of your Xiaomi smart camera improves the aspect ratio. This time we went from 130 °, which the previous version had, to 170 °. This allows users to collect images with a wider viewing angle. To withstand the elements, the Chinese company added protection against water and dust with IP65.

IP camera


XIAOMI smart outdoor security cameras can detect the presence of people and are therefore “smart”. It is considered smart because the programmed algorithm allows the xiaomi camera to process the image to suppress the moment of changing light, animal or bird. As a result, it only sends a user presence notification when it has found a person in its 170 degree relationship. At night or during the day, this mini camera can take pictures at night thanks to night vision recognition.

Lastly, and to round out the specs, we find dual speakers and a microphone that users can use to talk through the Mi Home app. Where we can control all camera options and create smart scenes with other Xiaomi products. Unlike the version we already know and allows recording to be done outdoors. This new version does not add a battery and must be used with a cable. This microphone and speaker works like a phone call. Narrow the distance between sound and sound input and output.

Ip camera

One thing that makes this smart security camera suitable for outdoor use is that it works well in both high and low temperatures. Adapt to different temperatures, more stable and reliable operation. It can operate normally in the environment from -20 to 50*, resists heat and cold and protects outdoor safety in all seasons.


This XIAOMI smart external security camera accepts Micro SD and stores pictures and videos in the cloud where we can make purchases from Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

Latest Xiaomi Security IP Camera for Outdoor
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Latest Xiaomi Security IP Camera for Outdoor
Security is the responsibility of every individual and that's why there is need for you to secure you home. Security cameras are very crucial especially with the increase in crime rate. In this article, we will be reviewing the Xiaomi smart outdoor security camera and why it is good suitable for outdoor use.

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