KCASA High-Quality Valves for Bathroom


Valves are important in your kitchen and especially bathroom, where we take a shower. In view of that, it’s also important to choose the perfect valves for your bathroom. And here are some valves that you might need from KCASA, which tries their best to provide the best bathroom hardware for all of you.

Bathtub Laundry

KCASA™ Chrome Brass Angle Valve Toilet Bathroom Laundry Machine Water Diverter Switch Accessorie

Here is the pure copper casting angle valve. Its surface finish is electroplating. And the water outlet standard is G1/2 external thread.

Check Here: Bathtub Laundry

brass angle valves

KCASA™ Brass Switch Water Knockout Trap Two Way Angle Valve Kitchen Bath Water Diverter Accessories

This is a water knockout trap with dual purpose. You could add this to your kitchen sink, bathroom basin, toilet, water heater and so on.

Check Here: Brass Angle Valves

three way diverter valve

KCASA™ Copper Double Control Switch Water Knockout Trap Three Way Angle Valve Bath Water Diverter

This one is also a water knockout trap with dual purpose three-way connection. And it’s safe because the material is non-toxic.

Check Here: Three-Way Diverter Valve

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