KCASA Bidets on Banggood Anniversary Big Sale


As far as I am concerned, it’s not enough to use toilet paper to clean your butt after bowl movement. And the bidets could be a better choice for everyone. And KCASA has tried its best to provide you the best kitchen and bathroom gadgets. And here are some KCASA bidets that are hot-selling on Banggood 10th anniversary.

hand held bidet

KCASA™ Hand Held Bidet Shower Kitchen Bathroom Hygeian Faucet Toilet Seat Cleaning Bidet Sprayer

The nozzle of this bidet has 7 holes and a copper spool build in and it can provide three different water flows, mild, medium and large mode. When you push the switch with your thumb, the water flow will change according to your thumb until you find the most suitable water flow mode.

Check Here: Hand Held Bidet

Toilet Seat Bidet Shower

KCASA™ Double Switch Toilet Seat Bidet Shower Cleaning Bidet Sprayer Bathroom Kitchen Hygeian Faucet

A bidet is a plumbing fixture or type of sink intended for washing the genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus of the human body, and is typically installed in a bathroom. Lower-cost add-ons combining a toilet seat is perfect.

Check Here: Toilet Seat Bidet Shower

PVC explosion-proof shower hose

KCASA™ 1.2m PVC Explosion-proof Bathroom Shower Hose Anti-wrap Waterpipe High Temperature Resistance

360 degree rotation interface effectively anti winding. Strandard G1/2 interface that suit for most shower head. Advanced PVC material with high gloss, good resilience, flexibility, tractility and it can effectively prevent baterium and anti incrustation scale. The hose is combined with 5 layers and the middle part is explosion-proof mesh and the double end is fix and squeeze by machine to make sure anti leaking.

Check Here: PVC Explosion-Proof Shower Hose

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