Join the Big Promotion Carnival with KCASA!!! Get Your Surprise!!!


KCASA, as a new brand on our website, is keeping its principle of giving the best quality products to you so it has won the preference of most customers. In order to express our sincerely tanks to our dear customers, we have a KCASA Promotion day from July 19th to July 21st to reward you. Now, we are processing heat to hold this sale promotion day. Before the beginning of the promotion day, you can get a coupon of 25% off, 12% off or 5 % off . Now, quickly to get your coupon and enjoy your large sale promotion day by clicking the link in the following.



 Apply Rules of Coupons

  1. Instruction:

Over $40, get 25% off

Over $20, get 12% off

Over $8, get 5% off

  1. You can get and use the coupon between 19 Jul 2017and 28 Jul 2017
  2. Coupons are not valid for Brand Deals and New Arrivals Products.


New Arrivals

In this sale promotion day, we will share three wonderful new arrivals with you. Let me show them for you

  1. KCASA KC-JK666

KC-JK666 garden water time is an absolute smart equipment for your gardening work. It can realize intelligent control with rain sensor monitoring which can stop watering when the top rainfall device is full of water so that you need to too much irrigation can damage the growth of the plants. Besides, compared with the traditional button, its clever double knob design makes operation more convenient and easier. One control frequency, the other control duration so you can quickly and easily set a program according to your need of irrigation so as to achieve intelligent automatic irrigation. If you want a smart garden water timer, that is your choice.


  1. KCASA KC-JK502

KCASA KC- JK502 is the newest garden acoustic wave vibration animal repeller in 2017. Apart from being equipped with a good look of newest leaf style design, it also reach a high level in the function. As a special garden guarder, the buzzer in its rod will emit the acoustic wave vibration to create an earthquake illusion to repel the cold-blooded and underground animals even some animals such as snake and mole that can’t be found by normal repeller. Besides, it can provide effective protection for 200 m2 area and with 600mAh Ni-Mh rechargeable solar power battery, it can be able to provide all-day protection for your home and garden. Furthermore, because of its good look, it can also used as garden lamb. And it is easy to operate, “plug and play”, which makes life easier.


  1. KCASA KC-CF007

KCASA KC-CF007 Black Ceramic Knife set is made of nanostructured zirconia, which is equipped with five advantages of non-rust, non-toxic, anti-corrosive, anti-bacteria and anti-fouling. More importantly, it is almost as hard as diamond, super sharp and hardly wears. It works best for slicing boneless meats, fruits and vegetables. And it is lighter than the metal knife and highly controlled grip and ergonomic arched handle make cutting more convenient and easier. What’s more, it look high-end and you can clean it easily. So, an easy day start from KCASA KC-CF007.



SA is a brand for home and garden, which is devoting itself to the production of creative umbrella, utensils, faucet, bidets and etc. For many years, we are holding the principle of providing high-quality products and keeping on creative to make our life more better and easier. By now and in the future, we will still be keeping moving forward with you. You easy life starts from KCASA.

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