JISIWEI I3 Vacuum Cleaner is Now Available, Go Get It!


As there are more and more smart home products for us to save energy and lower electricity bill, it’s inevitable for you to try something new from smart home systems. As soon as you use those smart home products, you will certainly found that the life could be much easier than you have ever known.

JISIWEI I3 Vacuum Cleaner

And here is the one, JISIWEI I3 vacuum cleaner, which is helpful. Now, let me show you this wonderful one.

JISIWEI I3 Vacuum Cleaner (3)

This amazing vacuum cleaner could clean different kinds of floor, like carpet and wooden. As the technology of vacuum cleaner has been improved, this one could clean up your room in an efficient way, because it could map your room with the smart tech. All you need just leave this one at home, and set for the start, and it will give you a spotless room.

JISIWEI I3 Vacuum Cleaner (2)

The first thing that surprise me at the very first beginning is that it’s said to be the cleaning robot, which could help you look after your home when you are not around. Why could this monitor your house? I found that this one has camera to record what’s happening, and the image could be shown immediately on your smartphone.


But, as robot cleaner that I have seen, they will run out of power after cleaning about 3 hours at most. To solve this problem, this vacuum cleaner could get its own way and charge itself intelligently.

JISIWEI I3 Vacuum Cleaner (4)

However, before buying it, there are several cons that you have to know about. It might be a little bit noisy as working, but I would be okay if you use it when you are working outside or shopping outside. And it’s about 8.8cm height, which means it couldn’t clean the floor that under my sofa, so you better check if it could meet your need.

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