It’s Time for Xiaomi Smart Home


You might have been familiar with the Xiao smartphone, but do you know exactly that Xiaomi has also produced smart home gadgets? In the modern life, many people have already established their home with the smart home system, which could make our life much more convenient and easier. And today, I can’t wait to share the smart home products from Xiaomi for most of you.

Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor

The latest product I got from Xiaomi is the Xiaomi temperature humidity sensor, which I bought exactly for my aquarium where I have kept my little lizard, since the proper temperature and humidity are super important for my lizard. To my surprise, I have found this smart home product really helpful, since the sensor could help you with many specific problems. If you put it in the closet, you could know whether you have to use the closet desiccant as the humidity in your closet has changed. Or you could place it in the nursery, so you don’t have to worry about changes of the environment around your little baby.

Xiaomi Temperature Humidity Sensor

To install the Xiaomi temperature humidity sensor is pretty simple, but you should make sure that you have bought the Xiaomi smart home suit. Only you install the Xiaomi smart home suit, could you receive the warning from your cellphone. After you open the package of the Xiaomi sensor, you could see that the appearance of the sensor is modern and simple in solid white. It’s smaller than I thought it would be, and it’s some kind of cute anyway, since the workmanship is of high quality.

Xiaomi Smart Home Suit

It could show you the accurate temperature and humidity, and the case of the sensor could protect the sensor away from the UV. In view of that, the color of the sensor wouldn’t fade away for a long time. And it could protect it from the damp place, so this one could be used in bathroom or wherever you want.

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So i cannot use it with the mihome app? I really need the home suit set? I can use the wireless power socket with the app.