It’s Gonna be a ‘Goo’ Day with Digoo


It’s gonna be a good day and a great big day with promotions of Digoo! Actually, it’s going to start on March 22th, 2017. Now, you could get the products of Digoo that you eager for a while at unbeatable price. If you have missed the promotion pageas a warm-up, don’t worry. We just got you covered, because the great big promotion as the link we show  down below from April 3rd to April 5th.

Digoo Promotion:

Digoo promotion

Before celebrating the date, April 4th, with Digoo, there will be a great big SNAP-UP for you on April 3rd. After that, the real big promotion is waiting for you on April 4th. It’s said that there are 44000 BG points for you. Of course, you might be new to Digoo, so we got you free trials that you could give a shot on April 5th.

digoo brand day

It’s Gonna be a ‘Goo’ Day with Digoo

We are here to share with those products that we find unexpectedly amazing.

Wireless Remote Control Socket

When you are so tired after back-breaking work, I bet that you must have been dreamed of turning on the fan just right on the sofa without walking to reach the button. Now, with the wireless remote control socket, you dream is about to come true. All you need just grab the remote control, and press the button on it.

Home Comfort Humidity Monitor

The home comfort humidity monitor is characterized by its excellent quality, energy saving and high accuracy. Every day, as you wake up from your sweet dream, it will tell you not only the time, but the outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity, which is playing an integrate part of your life. You are worth it.

Weather Forecast Alarm Clock

To add a pop of colors to your life, this weather forecast alarm clock with the colorful backlit LCD screen is certainly the ideal choice, compared with the one above. You could place it on your nightstand, and now you could know how the day is today as you just wake up in the morning.

Rechargeable Hair Clipper

For trimming your baby’s hair or your own hair at home, this ceramic hair trimmer is your safest and the most convenient choice. With the USB cable, you could recharge the rechargeable hair clipper wherever and whenever you want.

Backlit LCD temperature Thermometer

‘Di di di di…’ When you open your eyes from your sweet dream with familiar sound, the backlit LCD temperature thermometer, Digoo DG-C1, will remind you of the time, date, day and temp. As a multi-functional and portable device, it has enjoyed great popularity in the electronic market. Humanization design makes it easy to be hung on the wall or stand on the desk steadily. Without any doubt, Digoo DG-C1 will be your outstanding assistant to get you a high-quality life.


What is Digoo?

Digoo is dedicated to providing you various of products such as smart home products, home appliances, and home lightings. As a young brand, Digoo concentrates on merging first-rate home environment and reasonable price. The superiorities of Digoo are the better product development, the better user experience, and the best possible price. Now, we can open up a limitless world of powerful possibility. So, there is no denying that every day is gonna be A GOO DAY with Digoo.

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