Why The Original Xiaomi Mijia Smart IP Camera Is Perfect For You?


Technology has found its way in almost every aspect of life. And yes, one of the areas that have experienced great technological innovations is security. With the advanced surveillance systems, you can now monitor every activity in your home from anywhere. And yes, of all these systems, nothing offers a better eye than the IP Cameras.

Since they were released into the market, IP Cameras have proved to be a major leap in ensuring security in organizations and residential places. These cameras come in a plethora of varieties, some with better features than others. Obviously, no one wants anything less than the best when it comes to sensitive areas such as security. Having this in mind, our research team came together with a group of experts in a bid to hunt up the best from the hundreds of models. And yes, of all the varieties, Original Xiaomi Mijia AI smart camera emerged among the market’s best.


Xiaomi Mijia AI Smart Camera

This white version smart camera comes with a sleek design. Therefore, it will not only help monitor your home but also step up the elegance of any space you install it. The simple yet modern design allows for easy installation whether an expert or a first time. So what makes it unique? The secret lies in the features. Let us look at some of its unique features;

IP Cameras


High Resolution:

The resolution of a camera determines how sharp the images are. This commercial-grade camera comes with a resolution of 1080 pixels that gives crystal clear images to let you see everything from the office as if you were at home. The high frame rate of 20fsm ensures smoother images.

Wider Viewing Angle:

With the wide viewing angle of 130 degrees, you can now monitor a wider area in your room. The wide angle helps minimize blind spots in your home.

IP Cameras

Night Vision:

The advanced infrared technology sends light through the wavelengths to provide a bright night view for objects within 10 meters. In other words, you can rest at night with the peace of mind that you have a dependable eye in the watch of everything when in your slumberland.

AI Smart Detection:

This premium-quality IP camera employs AI technology to automatically filter up to 90% of ‘false’ alarms caused by things such as flying insects and swinging curtains. The humanoid feature precisely detects human movement and notifies you through the APP if the humanoid function is active on your phone.

Multiple Storage Methods

This camera allows for SD card storage, NAS storage, and cloud storage hence you will not need to delete the old footage when the SD card runs out of space.

IP Cameras


This IP camera is power efficient.

Installing in minutes is easy.

The camera is power efficient.

Delivers clearer images and has night vision.

It is affordable.


The frame rate of 20fps isn’t the highest an IP Camera can offer.


With the best IP cameras, you can now monitor your home and keep in touch with your family when not around. However, although most of the cameras out there are knockoffs, the Original Xiaomi Mijia IP camera can be relied upon to offer reliable monitoring.




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