The Invention of Balloons


In all festivals and important moments, almost all people ranging from the old to the kids feel like flying the balloons into the sky. Sometimes we could see the balloons and pigeons rising up in the public square to memorize large-scale activities, such as celebrating National Day or memorizing some giants who had ever made special contributions to the countries in history.

Pumpkin Head BalloonPumpkin Head BalloonPumpkin Head BalloonPumpkin Head BalloonPumpkin Head BalloonPumpkin Head BalloonPumpkin Head Balloon

For kids, the balloon is quite a good toy to play with. However, few people know the invention of the first balloon. Actually it is in a cold winter of 1772 that Montgolfier brothers who lived in Lyon of France invented the first sack analogous with the balloon. At that time, the two brothers were sitting around the grate and accidently saw a unit of smoke smudge flying into the sky along the andiron.

Pumpkin Head BalloonPumpkin Head BalloonPumpkin Head BalloonPumpkin Head Balloon

Suddenly they two had an interesting and audacious thought: make a sack full with smoke fly. So they took action at once, asking someone to stitch closure of a silk cloth. And then they fill some hot smoke smudge into it. Surprisingly and magically it flew away. They succeeded!

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Afterwards, Montgolfier brothers spend ten years’ time studying the secret of balloons and eventually in 1783 they succeeded in sending a fire balloon into the sky. And the king of France even invited them to perform in Palace of Versailles. In conclusion all great inventions all derive from critical observation of life.

Pumpkin Head Balloon

As for kids, it is a nice story about science suitable to tell them to inspire their learning desire. Although Halloween has passed a few days, the residual heat of Halloween has not faded away. You can buy some pumpkin head balloons for your baby and tell them the invention of balloons. It is such a great opportunity to instill science knowledge to them.

Pumpkin Head BalloonPumpkin Head Balloon Pumpkin Head Balloon

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