Inkbird IBT-4XR Bluetooth Food Thermometer Review


The Inkbird IBT-4XR is a Bluetooth wireless thermometer with a 1000mAh timer built in Li battery. Also, this thermometer has a rotation and magnetic screen use. With a stainless steel scrutiny feature, the thermostat assisted me in monitoring my meat and oven temperature at the same time. When I first started using this Bluetooth Food Thermometer, my grilling was made easy because the device had both time countdown and over temperature span sirens.

Bluetooth Food Thermometer

With a range of up to hundred and fifty feet, I was able to monitor my smoker and meat temperature from any place in my home. Thus I could entertain my friends, cook other foods or take a nap. This food thermometer not only helped me in preparing tasty foods but was also pleasant to use and a time saver. Here is more review of the food thermometer.

Bluetooth Food Thermometer

Magnetic design

The magnetic sketch on the back of the gadget could be actively absorbed in the oven or smoker. LED reading is another extraordinary feature of this device in that I was able to rotate it by twice pressing the power key. I could just do this by plugging the scrutiny into the food and select the type of food and doneness’s degree in the application. This automatically activated its alarm and to my phone when food was ready.

Bluetooth Food Thermometer

Big LED screen

With a presence of LED digital tube of 2.2” by 1” it gave me the opportunity of clearly observe the temperature reading even if I was ten meters or fifty feet away. The gadget application is a grid function which could precisely monitor the temperature reading.

Bluetooth Food Thermometer

Environmentally friendly

This Bluetooth Food Thermometer is built in a rechargeable lithium battery of 1000mAh and comes with a USB charging cable of fifty centimeters or one foot. With a full charging capacity, after I’ve charged, it would last for a good sixty hours when working. Additionally, I was able to observe the battery capacity through the application thus making it an efficient, environmentally, durable and economical device.

Bluetooth Food Thermometer


  • It has four sockets that aid up to fourlong-lasting stainless steel probes.
  • It’s lightweight, compact and ergonomicthus it’s convenient to use.
  • It has a portable design, and robustmagnetic back, therefore, it’s easy to handle.

Bluetooth Food Thermometer


  • It can only be used with those who ownsmart devices, e.g., iPhones or smartphones.But now, every one almost has a smart phone

Bluetooth Food Thermometer


Using IBT-4XR Bluetooth Food Thermometer, my cooking was made easy and appropriate in that I was able to set it to the temperature of my choice and retain exact track of the heat from my Smartphone. Thus the perfect most vital thing you can do to make yourself a more desirable barbecue, cook, or griller is to get this digital food thermometer.

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