Infused Water Recipes for Health


Water is an ideal drink that can keep your body stay hydrated. However, water is plain and boring, and definitely can’t satisfy your taste buds. Many people enjoy going to the bar or cafe. A survey shows that average American spends $20 each week on coffee.Luckily, you can create your own refreshing tasty infused water and keep that cash in your wallets. With the following recipes, you can make some thirst-quenching beverages instead of purchasing one.

infused water

Usually I would like to mix some fruits with herbs. Normally I use those ingredients I’ve already have. Watermelon is my favorite fruit in summer. It is juicy and the sweetness is just right for me.

herbs for infused water

Fill the fruit infuser water bottle with several slices of watermelon and. Add a few leaves of mint on top of the watermelon, and then fill the bottle with iced water. You can bring the bottle with you when you are out. No more unnecessary extra sugar or harmful additives.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

The lemon is another fruit that reminds me of summer days. Its pleasant aroma wakes me up in this tedious summer. Cut a lemon up in some slices. Put it into a glass jar and add some basil on the top. The combination of basil and lemon is magical.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Apart from its crisp taste, it also does good to our health. It is abundant in vitamin C, which can help tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles. To make it look greater, you can make some ice balls with ice cube molds and then put them inside.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Summer is all about weigh loss. After a sweaty workout, a cool and low-calorie drink can help cure fatigue. Drinking infused water can keep your organs healthy when you are sweating. After I work out, I always make myself a bottle of infused water. The recipe of cucumber, lime and fresh ginger is my favorite of all. These fresh ingredients taste perfectly and I love the way they look together.

infused water recipe

These recipes are improved according to my taste. I think you should create more recipes by yourself. Use your imagination and make some refreshing drinks for you and your friends.

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