Some Incredible Cooling Fan to Bring You a Refreshing Summer


Summer is coming soon. In our memory, summer means sunshine and beach, cold drink and ice cream. However, have you felt the sweat soaked your clothes as well? The hotness in summer is hard to bear (especially in the Tropical climate country). When you’re in an office which the air condition is not strong or without the air condition, you’ll consider that you’re in a big steamer. Or when you’re handling official business, study in the school library without the fan or air condition, watching the TV show to relax at night, but the weather is so annoyed, and then you absolutely need a USB cooling fan.

Here I have some fantastic cooling fan to suggest for you.

Digoo DF-001 Rotatable Fan

  • ABS&PP cover, soft and durable blades-This Digoo DF-001 mini USB cooling fan can protect your fingers from injury.
  • Adjustable angle-you can adjust the wind direction according to your need.
  • Strong wind, low noise-Let you enjoy cooling wind while playing games, can also be used for cooling your laptop.

Digoo-DF002 USB Cooling Fan

This Digoo DF-002 USB Mini Cooling Fan can be powered by USB or 18650 rechargeable batteries. It is the latest creative model and convenient mini fan for you in this summer. It got 3 Modes for option, and can produce 2 Modes light for your night using. With it around you it will help you stay cool and help you a lot even when power cut.

Digoo DF-003 Handheld Fan

Digoo DF-003 Portable USB Fan has a rechargeable build-in 18650 battery, can also be powered by USB cable and AC adapter. It is mini and portable, so you can take it to anywhere, mainly for traveling or outdoor activities. For its special structure, not only you can clip it on your desk, but also you can hang it under your umbrella to cooling you, suitable for working, sporting or watching games. It will be your best friend in summer and the followed pictures will show its humanized design.

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