Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Fragrant


Bathroom is a relaxing and private place to all of us, I always think about how to make my bathroom a better place. You know, cleaning bathroom is one important part, decorating bathroom is another key one, moreover, making the bathroom fragrant as well.
Soap BasketWhat will you do when your bathroom gets smelly? Just open the window and let the wind blows away the smell? Clean the bathroom again? There are some simple ideas that can make your bathroom fragrant, just keep reading and maybe you will find something good to help you.

Method 1: Soap
Soap is a very normal and popular cleanser in the world. Besides, it is easy to buy and cheaper than other fragrance. You may wonder if soap a fragrance too? Yes, you are right, soap can also be fragrance. Just get a soap which has sweet-smelling, then put it in your bathroom with a soap basket, it will make your bathroom full of soap smell. What makes you feel fantasy is that soap can be a decoration as it has various colors and shapes.
Soap Basket

Soap Basket

Soap Basket Method 2: Scented Candle
I think most of you will use the scented candle in your bedroom and living room. Try it in your bathroom too. However, only when you are in the bathroom can you use it as it lit up by fire.
Soap Basket

photograph_interior_romance_1920x1200_26795_5Method 3: Air Freshener
If you want your bathroom fragrance in a quick way, air freshener is a good choice for you. I believe that you may use it in thousand times. It is convenient but the fragrance could not last long.
Soap BasketMethod 4: Lemon or Orange
Lemon or orange has strong fresh smell, especially lemon. You can put one or two lemon on the bathroom corner shelves then, you can enjoy the natural fragrance. Remember change the lemons when they turn bad.
Soap Basket

Soap BasketMethod 5: Flowers and Plants
Put some flowers or plants in your bathroom which is also a good idea too. As they have the natural fragrance and make you have a visual enjoyment too. However, you need to spend time  taking care of them.
bathroom corner shelves

bathroom corner shelves

bathroom corner shelves So, do you find a good way to make you bathroom sweet-smelling? You can also share the ideas with me.

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