Ideas for Decorating Your Pies and Cakes


If you like to give a personal touch to everything but time plays against you, buy the cake made and decorate it yourself. You will learn tricks and some fabulous recipe with these ten simple and original ideas to decorate your pies and pies so amazing with different tools, like cake decorating cutters.

cream cake

A selection with very imaginative ideas for all tastes and ages, it is about giving texture, color and brightness to your pies, give your personal touch and forget about the classic and tired cake of your pastry, which we already have second and third Delivery, with many more ideas and in which you will learn to paint tarts as an artist, is incredibly beautiful.

cake decorating idea

Here you will find ten original cake decorations that are very beautiful and simple to make, ideas for a delicate and feminine cake, or for a children’s party even for a true gourmet lover of dark chocolate.

cream cake

Although on other occasions I have talked about pastries and cakes, as is the case of this beautiful post about Pastels and perfect cakes, it has always been to show you the new trends in cake decorating, however today I tell you how to make them.

cream cake

The texture you can do with a lot of toppings with simple cake topper, whether cream alone, chocolate or strawberries can also color or aromatize with food coloring or food scents, you can also texture with meringue, as is or with tastes, such as coffee, Toffee, lemon or orange.

cream cake

Another option is dark chocolate, white or with flavors, you just have to buy the chocolate coating pills with the flavor and color that you like and melt in the bathroom or in the microwave, let it rest until it has the proper texture to apply By the walls of the cake without falling.

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