Ice Cubes to Cool You Off In This Summer


The summer is torturing us with its high temperature. And we all need something to cool off aside from turning on the air conditioner. How about giving the ice cubes a try? With different kinds of ice cube trays, we could make different kinds of ice cubes in different flavors and colors. Does it sound like a plan to you? If so, here are some ice cube trays for you.

Pistol Jelly Silicone Mold

Gun Pistol Freeze Party Bar Ice Jelly Silicone Mold

This one could be the funny ice cubes for your husband or your little boy. It’s kind of cool to turn plain water into ice cubes in the shape of pistol.

Check Here: Pistol Jelly Silicone Mold

dinosaur jelly mould

Chocolate Cake Jelly Ice Baking Silicone Dinosaur Mould Mold

The dinosaur mold is super cute, and I love this one. And those dinosaurs in different appearances are adorable, and I have got one for my little boy, who loves those dinosaurs a whole bunch.

Check Here: Dinosaur Jelly Mould

cute ice trays

Cute Silicone Fishbone Shaped Ice Cube Trays Jelly Candy Mold Mould

As one of those creative ice cube trays, this ice cube tray could turn the ice into fishbone shape.

Check Here: Cute Ice Trays

banana candy mold

Banana Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Tray Jelly Chocolate Pudding Mold

I have to admit that I love the taste and the yellow color of the banana, and I am glad that I have found this banana shaped ice cube tray. With this ice cube tray, I could not only make the ice cube, but also make taste jello and chocolate. And I bet that the chocolate in banana flavor would be wonderful, if we use this one to make it.

Check Here: Banana Candy Mold

block ice molds

3Pcs Silicone Ice Block Ice Cube Tray Frozen Popsicle Molds

This ice block tray is more typical, but you could add some delicious fruits into the tray, so that you could make the ice cube a little bit more good-looking and tasty.

Check Here: Block Ice Molds

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