How to store tea greatly?


Tea is a dry product, extremely hygroscopic moisture can produce a qualitative change. When the tea was not kept greatly, in the role of moisture, temperature, humidity, light, oxygen and other factors, may cause adverse biochemical reactions and microbial activity, leading to changes in the quality of tea.

When it is stored, what container, in what ways ,both of them have certain requirements. Therefore, tea canister is made. There are different kinds of canisters, for example, metal, ceramics, glass, paper and so on.

tea canister

Titanium tea canister, once as high-tech aerospace titanium material is also into the homes of ordinary people. The unique advantages of the use of titanium is light weight, high hardness, good metallic luster, non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation, etc. Its body has a good seal, and will never fade. Tea canister is your best choice for gifts for friends and family. It  belongs to special lifestyle gadgets.

In ancient, ceramic containers generally used for containing tea, wealthy families also use tin containers. In the modern society, the interior of tea canister is generally packaged foil vacuum packing now, and its purpose is to achieve a good seal.

tea canisterIn general, with a large mouth glass bottles to pack tea, its purpose is to allow customers to more clearly see the tea product phase.
lifestyle gadgets-1 How to identity whether it is a good tea canister or not, First of all, you must listen and with a finger flick cans, then listen to its sound.
lifestyle gadgetsSecondly, you must look, look about tin seal, seal well pure tin, tea can cover. Thirdly, you can choose the same volume of two tin cans, lead and other metals incorporation will be more important than pure tin products. Last but not least, you can bite, with the teeth gently bite ,because tea canister is hard, and will not be destroyed.

lifestyle gadgetsIt’s a useful lifestyle gadgets, and we can use it properly.

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