How to Plan a Summer Pool Party


Yeah! Summer is here. Do you want to enjoy the coolest summer? What is your best choice? A pool party is the hottest and coolest entertainment at the same time. You may have been invited to your friends’ parties. Why not plan a pool party at home and invite your friends? Start your own summer pool party NOW! Follow the ideas and tips I’m gonna tell you and make it perfect.

pool party

Invitation is the first step to introduce how awesome your party is. The decoration and painting on the invitation card make your theme. I recommend using the blue color. It reminds people of the pleasantly cool water. Of course it is up to you. Don’t forget to cover these information: your name, the party location, date and time and your phone number in case they can’t find the address.

water bed

Music is like the heartbeat of a party. If you can choose the right music, your friends will be highly entertained. The perfect party music will inspire listeners to move their bodies. If you don’t know how to start, search pool music play-lists online and various play-lists pop up. You should listen, consider about you and your friends’ taste and then edit the play-list. You can diversified your play-list with different genres of music. The songs your guests will sing along to will be better.

pool party music

Food is another important part of the party. Generally I recommend you have these drinks like Frozen Margarita, Blue Lemonade, Puerto Rican Rum Punch and Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri, a non-alcoholic cocktail. The cold beer is definitely the most popular drink in a pool party. In addition, it is necessary to serve iced water, soda, juice and other non-alcoholic drinks.

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Except for the drinks, you can prepare some desserts, salad, pesto pizza and anything you like. A barbecue alongside a pool will make it a greater event. Prepare your barbecue suppliers beforehand so that your guests can enjoy delicious food after a long day at the pool.

party food

A pool party with pool toys can’t be more entertaining. Prepare some pool toys for your guests. Squirt guns, swimming noodles and other accessories will add more fun to your party.

water slide

They can also lie down on the water floating chair and enjoy sunbathing. Set up a basketball hoop or volleyball net so that your friends can play some games at the pool.

water chair

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