How to Market Your Banggood Drop-Ship Business


In essence, dropshipping is an order fulfillment method, without necessarily having a stock of your own. In the case of Banggood, the store sells the products, a third party advertises it on their store, and when a customer orders it, Banggood then ships it to the client. Without a doubt, this is the perfect way to have a business without worrying too much about the stock, as all you need to do is to focus on the marketing aspect of the business while you leave the logistics to Banggood.

How does Banggood Dropshipping work?

  • Select a particular product from our store
  • Advertise that product online or on your store
  • When a customer buys it, all you have to do is to upload that order or maybe use an API to inform us.
  • We will then pack and ship the package

So, how can you market your dropship business?

Building customers’ trust in your site by adding more reviews, ratings, and testimonials – when it comes to running such a business, there is a tendency for customers to be skeptical regarding the product’s quality. This is the reason why customer reviews and testimonials are so important as they are an excellent way of building your visitor’s trust. By seeing what previous clients have said about a particular product can motivate potential buyers to buy as well.

Run Facebook ads – with over 2 billion users – spread out in every corner of the universe – you will have so much diversity on the platform and you will be able to reach so many people. This makes Facebook a great option for you as it will for sure boost your dropship business.

Share social videos so as to drive traffic and engagement – in the modern-day world, social videos are forecasted to make up for more than 80% of all consumer web traffic, making it one of the best forms of marketing. So, by using video content to promote your dropshipping business, you will not only be marketing the product, but you will also amplify brand awareness and recall.

Benefits of the dropship program by Banggood

  • There are no fees
  • A nice discount
  • eBay management center
  • No watermark pictures
  • Personalized recommendations
  • CSV import of orders

This is a program you wouldn’t want to miss, trust us. It is a one in a lifetime opportunity, grab and run with it.

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