How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger


In recent years, the style of the bathrooms has changed considerably. If you also want the bathroom looks larger and fix comfortably in the mornings, there are certain changes you can make. Although not all of these techniques will give extra space, they could make your bathroom look larger visually and more comfortable with some gadgets, like flexible shower head.


Enlarges the mirror


The mirrors are used to create the illusion that a space is larger, because they reflect light. Surely you already have one over the sink, so I suggest you to replace it with a larger one. To style your bathroom, choose a decorative frame, which also will become the focus of attention.


Change the sink


If you have a large sink, consider changing to a smaller and minimalist. Floating give the illusion of a spacious room, but also lose storage space. If you have many things to save not opt ​​for one of this kind, as it will make your bathroom look messy and tight.


Keep the order


The order is very important to help make a space look larger. The less things you have to look at, larger bathroom will look. If you do not have much storage space, seeking new ways to “hide” your belongings, like white bathroom wall shelves. Test shelves with baskets, a decorative ladder and shower organizers. also takes the corners and above the door.


Remove the decorative accents


Although some decorative details are important to show your style, do not use too many in the bathroom. Instead, look for accents that have a function and good design. For example, the glass of toothbrushes can be changed by one decorative. The shower curtain can have a striking pattern. Use only a frame and a mat, blanket and forget the toilet.

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