How to make a magnetic levitation plant


Levitation planter are pretty costly, and so, making your own planter becomes the best alternative. I know many people see it as a super complicated process, but am here to tell that it is not. In fact it is pretty easy when you have the right materials. Continue reading this article and you will have an idea on how to build your own levitation plant.

How to make a magnetic levitation plant

The first step is to create an opening for power supply. Drill a half hole in the back of the cigar box where the power cord will go through.

Place base and plug – connect the power cord to the electromagnet base and then close the box. and if the cigar is too deep, then raise the electromagnet up higher, for it to be close to the lid as possible.

Remove the can top – cut off the top of the steel beer can using a knife or a kitchen opener.

Attach the magnet disc – stick the levitation disc magnet to the bottom of the can. And since you will be using a steel can, you will not need glue as the magnet will hold tight. If it was another container, then you will definitely need to glue the levitation magnet to the bottom.

Add your greenery – then you can place your plant inside the planter.

Use it

The truth is, it can be a little tricky to find the levitation sweet spot, but with time and as you practice, it becomes easy. Ensure that the base id plugged in, and that the metal objects are kept away in order for them not to interfere with the magnet. You should hold the magnetic disc 6 inches above the base. With both your hands, lower the disc directly over the center of the base, keeping it level until you feel an upward magnetic force that supports the weight of the disc, then let it go gently, keeping it level and centered. If it falls, just lift it up and try again.               

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