How to Make a Homemade Pizza?


It is always easier to buy a pizza than preparing one, but homemade pizza tastes far much better than the one bought from the restaurants. Most pizzas bought from restaurants tend to come with excess salt, more fat, sugar and have minimal nutritional value.

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Here is a procedure on how to prepare a best homemade pizza.

1.Make a pizza dough. If you want the best pizza, you have to make it with on your own without relying on another person. Mix the flour together with yeast, olive oil, hot water( about 96 degrees) and allow them to form a perfect crust. Also, add a couple tablespoons of sugar to help activate the yeast and make a harder crust.


2.knead the dough by hand. The best texture will come if you knead it by hands. The dough will not look beautiful before you knead it because it approaches together rapidly. Continue kneading until the dough becomes solid and firm. Put the kneaded dough in the bowl with oil, cover the bowl with a moist cloth and leave it for about one hour.


3.Toss it like an expert. Tossing a dough is the best way to make a good crust. Hand tossing enables you to retain some of the moisture so the crust is softer. By turning the pizza dough, the air assists to form a round shape. The flow of air over the dough dries, making it enough to make it easier to handle. Some wholesale baking supplies will make use of machine press to form a crust. Although this method is the most effective, it makes the dough to dry out more, which lowers its quality.


4. Put your ingredients in olive oil. Put your ingredients gradually in olive oil and do not allow the oil to get too hot. Add ingredients like garlic, Fresno chiles or any other depending on your preferences. Your toppings will be rich tasting with great flavors.



Making a homemade pizza have numerous advantages over ordering from wholesale baking supplies. It not only tastes more delicious but it is also healthy for us to eat. At last, I hope the guide can help you. For more tools to make a homemade pizza, please go to Banggood.

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