How to grow blue roses


Roses are described as the queen of flowers and is generally reckoned to be the most popular of the flowering garden plants. Roses are loved for their velvet soft petals and some for their delightful fragrant scent. The blooms range in color from pure white to dark shades approaching black, but with one exception. You will not find a true blue rose that has been grown naturally.
Blue roses are a species of flower that are a human creation, given that this pigment does not exist in nature. They are extraordinarily beautiful roses that have become more popular over time.

Rose Rose

These flowers, which are genetically modified, are patented by a Japanese company. Knowing how to grow them at home means you’ll be able to decorate your terrace or garden with this spectacular species of rose. There are certain steps that should be followed for best results.

Steps in growing a Blue Rose
1. The first thing you should do in order to grow blue roses is to obtain this genetically modified flower, which you can find in garden centers, florists or online. It doesn’t matter from where you obtain these flowers, as long as they are healthy; only then will they be able to grow in your home garden.
Ensure your blue roses are not fake and are just dyed blue!

2. The most appropriate season to start growing blue roses is Spring. When you have your blue roses, soak them for 24 to 48 hours so that they regain their moisture and we can proceed with the cultivation process.

3. Choose an area that receives frequent sunlight and where the soil is well drained. Fertilize the soil first using a hoe and fertilizers specifically designed for this type of flower.

4. After the soil has been fertilized and you have chosen the perfect area to plant, make small holes of about two feet where we will add soil to create a mound on each. Add the blue roses at a distance of 90 cm from each other. Next, cover the roots and add a good amount of water, repeating fortnightly with a hose. Also spray the roses every 15 days early in the morning to keep them moist.

5. Three months after planting, the blue roses need to be fertilized. To do this, use fertilizer specifically used for roses. Make sure that no weeds grow around them; if you do notice any weeds sprouting, remove them all – otherwise they will stop these delicate blue roses from thriving.

6. They will come into bloom at the beginning of summer, around mid-June, which is when they will need to be pruned. For this, cut the branches in half in order to collect them. Now you have your beautiful bouquet of blue roses that you can place around your home, giving it a unique and exquisite feel.

7. We recommend growing blue roses at home since this species is difficult to obtain if you want it to form part of our home décor. Like all roses, it is a very delicate flower that requires very careful, special care. Despite having thorns on its stems, it is not a strong flower – to the contrary. With a little technique and obtaining these flowers beforehand, you can plant these beautiful flowers at home.

Since the blue roses are difficult to find in flower or garden shops, growing them at home is a good option and we strongly recommend it for you.

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