How to Decorate an Umbrella?


Whether rainy or sunny weather, you cover yourself with the means of an umbrella. But if you think that umbrella is only used for your safeguard from sunlight and rain then you should think twice, as it can also be used for decoration. There is a saying that April shower brings May flowers. Think of a wonderful springtime project that would bring the flowers out when it rains. Think of a colorful project that would bloom the lily when the sun shines. Project to decorate an umbrella with paint while nature keeps us on our toes.

Xiaomi Automatic Umbrella


Decorating an Umbrella

It is just like partially impressionism, partially pop art and mixture of various color to brighten up your day.

Xiaomi Carbon Fiber Umbrella

Things that you need are:

  1. An Umbrella (for ultralight cloth umbrella “Xiaomi Carbon Fiber Ultralight windproof Umbrella” is good option and if you want more comfortable and strong Umbrella that could withstand heavy wind then “Xiaomi Automatic  Umbrella” is a good option )
  2. Soft fabric paint
  3. Foam paintbrushes
  4. Paper plate (as paint palette)
  5. Piece of sponge


Step 1

Open you Xiaomi Carbon Fiber Umbrella and gently clean it with moderately warm water with the use of the sponge.


Step 2

As per your color of your Umbrella use the paint color that makes a good contrast with your umbrella. Then squeeze the selected paint color onto your paper plate and use a foam paintbrush to starting marking dots on the upper surface of an umbrella. Decrease the space between the dots as moving away from the above tip of the umbrella.


Step 3

Before changing the color of brush, wash and dry the foam paintbrush. Select another color and pour it on our paper plate. Use your foam brush to press dots on the bottom part of the umbrella. Use your other hand substantiate the fabric surface inside of the umbrella.


Step 4

And continue adding more colors with the help of foam paint brush to increase your umbrella’s beauty


Step 5

After completing the addition of fabric colors, gently remove unwanted and unnecessary paint with the help of the wet sponge.


Step 6

Parch umbrella fabrics in a dry area. And your Xiaomi Carbon fiber Umbrella is now enchanted with the beauty of fabric paints.


Now that you have completed your decoration umbrella whether rainy or sunny weather head out and play and enhance the beauty of surrounding with your umbrella. Your umbrella is just like a nice flamboyant splash of color waiting for the flowers to prod through it. It is a great way to be happy on a gloomy day. So, give your thoughts on decorating your Xiaomi Automatic Umbrella. I am sure that you would definitely try out this idea.

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