How to Cool Yourself at Home


It has been really too hot to bear, and I couldn’t stay at home without fans or air conditioners for even half an hour. And it’s kind of frustrating to find out that there are still months that you have to bear. If you are not able to go to the beach with your beautiful bohemian beach towel and have to stay at home, you need something to cool yourself. Sometimes I think it will be much better if I could stay cool in this summer without the air conditioner, which is also able to save me lots of money. So you might be looking for ideas to keep you cool in this summer. Don’t worry. I got you covered, and I would love to show you some tricks to keep you cool.


If you got a wonderful backyard, you might need to take awning or umbrella into account since they could help you to keep the cool. After installing the awning or umbrella in your backyard, you could enjoy your tea time in the beautiful backyard with your best friends.


The second tip is also for people who have a wonderful backyard. How about some great big trees? Planting those trees, like Ficus benjamina, could not only add some greens to your backyard but also keep your backyard cool than it used to be in summer.


One of the most efficiency methods is to use the cool mist spray to cool you down, which could cool down the surrounding by the evaporation of the mist. The cool mist evaporates is so-called flash evaporation, which will remove the heat from the surrounding air as we know. And that’s exactly the reason why the cool mist works so well. In view of that, a misting fan or ultra quiet ceiling fan might help you survive this unbearable summer.


Choose the color that is calming and soothing. And the light colors will be your perfect choice. I love light colors, for example, mint and aqua in summer, which will soothe me magically. As the right colors in summer certainly do you good, why don’t you get the walls of your house repainted in the colors that could bring you a sense of cool?


It’s time for delicious and sweet ice cream and cool drinks! Like most of you, I could never resist the taste of ice cream in summer although eating it makes me feel guilty. However, I would love to clean up my freezer for more space to keep as many ice creams as possible.


Now it’s time for you to be ready for the hot summer.

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