How to Choose an Umbrella?


Umbrella is one of the necessities of our daily life. Although it is, few of us have paid more attention to how to choose an umbrella. Now, there is a variety of umbrella available in the market so gone are the days when we just choose an umbrella to protect us from the rain. Given more choice, we may feel hard to choose the best one from various kinds of umbrellas. So today, I want to share some tips with you to choose the best rain gear for you.

Xiaomi Ultralight Umbrella

1.According to its function

There are umbrellas for rainy days, sunny days or both of them. In summer, you can choose an umbrella which can be used to protect you from rain and  Ultraviolet radiation. For example, Xiaomi Automatic Umbrella and Xiaomi Ultralight Umbrella can be used in rainy days and sunny days. Among them, Xiaomi Automatic Folding Umbrella performs greatly excellent in UV protect and rain protection But if you live in an area under great Ultraviolet radiation, a cute umbrella special for Ultraviolet radiation is better in order to protect your skin from burning. And because sun umbrellas usually cannot be exposed to water so you also need a rain umbrella.

Xiaomi Carbon Fiber Umbrella

2.According to its weight

The weight of the umbrellas should fit your lifestyle. If you need to commute every day outside, then a light-weight umbrella is better. Xiaomi Ultraviolet umbrella only weighs 85g so it allows you take it easily. And choose an automatic umbrella like Xiaomi automatic umbrella can protect you from the rain in time although a sudden rainstorm arrives.

Xiaomi Automatic Umbrella

3.According to the size of umbrella hood

The size of umbrella hood affects you a lot, especially in a heavily rainy day. In general, an umbrella hood that can be opened to between 42 and 44 inches can be better for you. Xiaomi umbrella can be opened to 42.13inches, which can provide a good rain protection although in a rainstorm.

Xiaomi Automatic Folding Umbrella

4.According to the durability

The durability of umbrella directly how long you have to buy another one. Many people mistakenly believe that the heavier an umbrella is the more durable it is. Actually, the durability of the umbrella depends on the material of its umbrella skeleton. Aluminum is the most popular material used to make umbrella stands and skeleton because it is not only light but also durable. Both Xiaomi Carbon Fiber Umbrella and Xiaomi Automatic Umbrella are made of Aluminum so they are durable enough for you to use them for a long time.

Xiaomi Automatic Folding Umbrella


Whether it is waterproof and weatherproof is also very important because it means that it is not easy to rust and won’t turn inside out in high winds. Xiaomi Ultraviolet umbrella and Xiaomi umbrella are both weatherproof and waterproof because of their fabric and materials. Besides, the design and the color of the umbrella are also one of the factors when you are choosing umbrellas but it totally depends on you.


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