How to Choose a Thermos?


For something that has been around for a long time, we just can’t seem to get enough of a vacuum flask. For all its worth, it seems this incredible and inherently useful device is here to stay. That’s because those thermos flasks have value due to the one thing they are able to do perfectly: to keep their contents hot for a considerable length of time. Therefore, be it food, tea, coffee, hot water, or anything else you want to keep hot, a vacuum pot is the best way to do it, especially if it’s a Xiaomi insulation pot.

 Xiaomi insulation pot

But a lot goes into making a choice of the best vacuum pot. And because of this, it is quite possible to make the wrong choice. No matter, let’s do our best to narrow down your choices to one. Here are tips on how to choose a thermos pot.


Tip 1: Material

The material matters a lot for one or two reasons; it is responsible for your flask’s durability and functionality. You can make a choice between glass, plastic or metal. The last two are the better options, and of the two, the latter is the best option. So, a metallic thermos goes a long way. And this goes to the exterior construction too. As much as plastic is lightweight and portable, in the end, a flask with a metallic finish (mostly stainless steel), like the Xiaomi insulation water bottle, is the best option you can go for.

Xiaomi Vacuum Insulation Pot

Tip 2: Size/volume

Size also matters, but this choice is only driven by the intention you have. If it’s for carrying tea/coffee, then a small-sized (300ml) thermos will do. However, if it’s for something else, like for cold/hot water, then you can go for the size that suits you, even 1.5L which is the capacity of the Xiaomi insulation water bottle. The downside, however, will be that it will take up a lot of space.

Xiaomi Vacuum Insulation Pot

Tip 3: The cap and price

The cap the thermos flask uses could make the difference between it working to perfection or not. In that case, a screw cap is your best bet, as is a valve cap. The latter is delicate though, and if it gets spoilt, that’s it for your flask.

Xiaomi Insulation Water Bottle

Going to the second bit, the price of a thermos should only be dictated by two key things: the quality and manufacturer. Otherwise, more expensive doesn’t always mean it is better. Remember that the accessories the flask can accommodate also matters. So, things like tea infusers, the type of opening you want, and what not, also count.

Xiaomi Insulation Water Bottle



As far as your choice goes, the Xiaomi Vacuum Insulation Pot meets all of the above tips, therefore, making it the vacuum flask you should value. It’s made of stainless steel, has a 1.5L capacity, comes in two color variants, and its exterior is made such that it is non-slip, frictionless and fingerless. Everything else works perfectly and the extras are also superb!

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