How to Choose a Soundbar?


If you enjoy watching movies then you should buy the right equipment to get theater-like sound at your home. As a lover of music and films, you’ll do very well by buying one of the best possible Soundbars to use along with your television set. This piece of equipment is small yet powerful and it will save you the hassle of installing a bulky home theatre system. You’ll be able to get amazing sound at home without having to sacrifice a great deal of space. This is especially important if you need high-quality sound in places such as your bedroom where you can’t install a bulky sound system.

Smart Soundbar

What is a Soundbar?

A Soundbar or Sound Projector is a home theater speaker, but it’s not like anything you’ll find in the typical setup. These slick, cool-looking speakers are actually mini-cabinets that contain a full array of home theater. You get clear audio playback you’d expect from multiple speakers.

Smart Soundbar

How soundbar work

As TVs have become slimmer and bigger, the built-in audio solutions haven’t evolved significantly. This is where soundbars find a space in your home cinema setup. Soundbars are compact, sleek and they are usually installed right below the TV or on the wall. There is a slight catch though, not all soundbars are same.


Where to place the soundbar

A smart soundbar is positioned roughly at eye level when sitting in the listening position. A listening position can be wherever you normally sit when watching your TV. Mostly, this will be your eye level when sitting on your couch or chair.

Smart Soundbar

How to choose a soundbar

  1. Consider sound quality

It is the most important factor that you should consider while buying a smart soundbar. A good soundbar provides a well-balanced sound that is pleasing to your ears. Audio should be rich, clear and detailed.

  1. Examine connectivity options

It’s very important to consider how the soundbar will connect to your TV. The most common method is to use an optical cable and most modern TVs support this. There is also a wireless soundbar which is connected through Bluetooth. However, ensure to check before selecting your soundbar.

Wireless Soundbar

  1. Know your exact requirement

Your soundbar has to fit with your television. Determine the soundbar size your room can accommodate. Remember that certain soundbars are also better in certain spaces. For e.g., if you have an open room, a surround sound system may not work properly. A stereo soundbar should work for you.Wireless Soundbar

  1. Consider the size

Soundbars are available in all shapes and sizes. Opt for a soundbar that suits the size of your room. The bigger model doesn’t always mean better. If you are looking to upgrade your TV speakers in a small bedroom, you can also consider a sound base i.e. speaker base cum soundbar. Soundbases do the same job as the soundbars.


Which are the best soundbars?

Many of the big electronics companies make Soundbars. However, you should stick to Blitz wolf soundbar and Xiaomi soundbar systems to decrease the risk of any incompatibilities.

 Wireless Soundbar


It is important to know how to select the best possible Soundbars to enjoy the high-quality theatre-style sound at home without buying bulky equipment.

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