How Does The Xiaomi Smart Home Kit Help You Achieve a Smart Home?


The 21st century seems to be the best century to live in. There are all sorts of devices that have been designed to help make our lives much easier and smart homes have taken the experience a notch higher, which enables you to do more than just remotely control your appliances. They also help you:

*Save energy

*Beef up the security and safety of your home

*Handles regular household tasks for you

Living in a smart home doesn’t have to be something you only watch on the TV or read about in tech magazines. By owning some smart devices, you can also live your very own fully-connected smart home. The Xiaomi Smart home kit is one of them that will help you achieve it.


xiaomi air purifier

Xiaomi smart home kit comes with 5 gadgets designed to take your automation experience on a whole other level. Each of them exhibits high-quality feature,  helping you create a smart home. Here’s what each of the products does:


1.Human Body Sensor

Everyone has at some point left either the TV or air purifier on when going out. This gadget will help you out each time this happens. It’s designed to automatically shut down the air-conditioning and TV if there’s nobody in the house.

xiaomi air purifier

Its automatic on/off feature will also help you out so you don’t have to physically walk to the switch. It’s designed to turn on automatically when someone goes past it. Put it by your bedside to make use of this smart tool at night.

Afraid that your pet might slip out and get lost? Well, this human body sensor will help you rest easy as you’ll be informed if your pet ever slips out.


2.Window and Door sensor

You won’t have to worry about the polluted air from outside getting into your house every time you open the window. By connecting the window sensor to your Xiaomi air purifier, once you open your window, the air-purifier will automatically be turned on. So it will be an incredibly nice feature if you have a baby at home, you’re asthmatic or you just want clean fresh air.

xiaomi air purifier

The door sensor will also automatically turn the lights on when you come home every evening. So for those who fear the dark, this feature will be helpful for you.


3.Multifunctional Gateway.

It is the Mijia smart kit control center, helping you achieve a perfect smart home. For example, by connecting it to your Xiaomi IP camera, it can make sure your home security by warning remind and video view for you when someone breaks into your house. And it can also work as a temperature and humidity sensor when connecting it to the Xiaomi Thermostat, which helps to monitor the home’s environment to heat the rooms if need be or get rid of unwanted humidity. In addition, there are more Xiaomi gadgets that can be connected to help you achieve a smart home.

xiaomi thermostat

4.Smart Socket (ZigBee Version)

Its human sensing feature is designed to turn on when you walk into the room and turn off when you leave. This will help prevent hitting yourself or knocking things over which normally happens when you search for the switch at night. It’s also a great way to be welcomed back home when you go home.

xiaomi thermostat

The water heating remote controlled feature that the smart socket comes with will allow you to turn the water heater either on or off when you want to have a bath.

The exhaust fan feature, which is a remote controlled feature is another great feature that will come in handy if you need air circulation. So you don’t have to worry about having the insufficient air supply in your home, which could lead to laziness.


5.Wireless Switch

This is another feature that helps to add functionality to the Xiaomi Smart Security Kit. Switching the lights on/off has never been easier. With just one step you can turn the lights both on and off by using your smartphone. You can also control your household appliances in case you leave them on when going out or you just want to save yourself the trip to the kitchen.

xiaomi thermostat

You don’t have to worry about having a spike in your electricity bill because the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit is completely energy friendly. So get yours today and find out what the whole fuss about smart homes is!

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