How can I grow blue roses


Blue roses are a species of flower that are a human creation, given that this pigment does not exist in nature. They are amazingly beautiful and have become more popular over time. Now, by growing these flowers decorates your garden spectacularly, which is what every homeowner would want on their property. But a lot of people don’t know how these flowers are grown, which is why I wrote this article, simply to let you know how to grow these flowers.

How to grow blue roses

So, the step is to obtain this particular genetically modified flower. You will find it in garden centers, from florist or online. Ensure that the flowers are not fake.

Step two is to soak the flowers for 24 to 48 hours for them to regain their moisture before you proceed to the cultivation process. Please note; the most appropriate season to grow this flower is spring.

Step three is for you to choose an area that receives frequent sunlight and the soil is well drained. Fertilize the soil first using a hoe and some fertilizer that are specifically designed for this flower.

Step four; after the soil is properly fertilized, make small holes of about two feet and add soil to create a mound on each. Then add the roses and ensure that there are 90cm apart. Next, cover the roots and then add water – and ensure that you do it every night with a hose. Ensure that you spray the roses after every 15 days for them to remain moist.

Step 5- after the first three months after planting, fertilize the roses. Ensure that you use a fertilizer that’s meant for roses. Ensure that there are no weeds, as weed tends to suffocate roses.

Step 6- at the beginning of summer, which is around mid-june, you will need to prune the roses. When doing this, cut the branches in half in order for you to collect them. Now, with that, you will have bouquet of beautiful blue roses to place all around your home.

Now, that’s how you do it! Easy, right?

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