How Can I Connect Google Home With Aqara Home?



You’d be pardoned on the off chance that you’ve never known about Aqara’s assortment of smart home sensors and switches, however, you’re presumably acquainted with Xiaomi. A Chinese gadgets maker known for its modest yet great equipment, Xiaomi makes a ton of stuff, including smartphones and a noteworthy setup of savvy home gadgets, which are sold in China and somewhere else under its Mi brand.

Aqara is a side project of the Mi brand for the US market. Self-possessed, yet under the Xiaomi organization Lumi Technology, Aqara as of late began selling its magnificent assortment of smart home sensors and devices through Amazon. Splendid news for those of us searching for cheap, dependable approaches to grow our Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google-controlled smart homes.



Hub: The hub has an underlying, speak and color-changing LED light that can create a noisy alarm.

Smart Plug: An enormous, standard looking keen fitting with an on-device switch, this was introduced in the kitchen joined to a button-press kettle.

Smart  Switch/Button: Placed by a bedside table – this little savvy button was set up with the goal that one press would turn on the previously mentioned kettle before we got up. It could likewise be mounted to a wall and utilized as an operation switch to regulate smart lights that it is connected to.

Motion Sensor: Tiny and with a convenient customizable mount, we attached the sensor at the lower part of the principal staircase, so when it detects movement it triggers the Hub light to come on. At the point when the framework is in the Alert Mode (consider Aqara To be A Home Security System), it will trigger the center’s alarm.

Contact Sensor: Another little segment, we connected this two-part window/door sensor to an inside room door, set to send an alert when opened and to trigger the center’s alarm when the framework is in Alert Mode.

Vibration Sensor: Placed on the inside side of the front entryway we set this up to send a ready when somebody thumps on the entryway or the entryway’s opened. Or then again, when the framework is in Alert Mode, it will trigger the center’s alarm. This is likewise a tilt sensor so could function as a garage entryway sensor.

LeakSensor: Positioned beneath the dishwasher in the kitchen we set this to trigger the center to sound an alarm when water is recognized.

Temp/Humidity Sensor: We introduced this in the room to check comfort levels.


How to connect Google Home with Aqara home

1. Download Aqara Home App on App Store or Google Store and Create an Aqara account.

2. Download Google Home App for Android or iOS and set up your Google Home gadget prior to associating with Aqara Home.

Interface Google Home with Aqara Home

In the wake of setting up your gadgets, you should match the Aqara Home application with Google Home

In the Google Home application:

1. Open the Google Home application and press the Home symbol (base left corner)

2. Press the Add (+) symbol

3. Select Set up gadget

4. Go to Works with Google

5. Search “Aqara SmartHome” in the hunt field and Select it

6. Sign in utilizing your Aqara Home record and sign in to tough situation your record.

7. Your brilliant gadgets would now be able to be found in the Home page, following stage, you can relegate your gadgets to your rooms.


Simple set-up on account of pre-connected accessories

Enough segments in the pack to give you a decent taste of what the framework can do



Essential, complicated application

Center point can’t uphold in excess of 32 gadgets

Not viable with Amazon Alexa at the hour of our survey

Weak as far as home security highlights


The Aqara Smart Home System isn’t the primary item to endeavor to make Smart home integration simpler. Nonetheless, it very well may be the primary that does as such without burning up all available resources. The Aqara Smart Home system is available for purchase at Banggood.

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