Honana Promotion : Have an Honorable Day with Honana!!!


A wonderful day of Honana start beautifully because of your participation. Your participation is our honor. In order to express our thanks to your participation in the growing process of Honana, it’s gonna to give a big promotion to you from July 19th to July 21st. In this promotion, we provide you with wonderful discounts and new products at the unbeatable price for you. If you miss the promotion page, do not worry  because the coupons will not expire until July 28th. As such, actually you can enjoy the big promotion in July 19th to July 28th. So, quickly click the link and take your coupon to enjoy an honorable day with Honana.

Honana Promotion: https://www.banggood.com/brands-Honana-b-224-ac.html

The Rulers of Apply Coupons

  1. Instruction:

Over $40, get 25% off

Over $20, get 12% off

Over $8, get 5% off

  1. You can get and use the coupon between 19 Jul 2017 and 28 Jul 2017
  2. Coupons are not valid for Brand Deals and New Arrivals Products.

New Products

In the following, we will share new products with you which you may think amazing.

  1. Honana Coffee Maker

It may be a wonderful present for someone who love coffee. It is a portable coffee maker which is designed to be fashionable and function. With it you can easily make wonderful espresso even you are at outdoors because it is portable and light. Therefore, it is very convenient for you to take it to travel, hiking and other outdoor activities, allowing you to enjoy wonderful coffee anywhere and anytime. If you love coffee and you have a friend of loving coffee, just take action to bring it back your home.

Honana Coffee Maker

  1. Honana Shopping Bag

Everyone loves convenience. Honana also love convenience so we show you the honana shopping bag of convenience. It is designed to be portable and foldable. What make me amaze is that it can be folded into a ball, which is convenient to take. When you open it, it turn to be a shopping bag with large volume. Besides, it look fashionable so that you can carry it as a crossbody bag. A fashionable and functional shopping deserve your choice.

Honana Shopping Bag

  1. Honana Pill Case

It is a pill case which is very convenient for our daily use. It is designed to have 7 compartments which satisfy our daily use. And it is made of food grade PP material so it is reach the standard of no poison, no harm and no smell, keeping you away from extra worry. Pocket size design allow you to easily put it into the pocket convenient. With it, you can say goodbye to the all kinds of bottles and cans. So you worth it.

Honana Pill Case

What is Honana?

Honana, as a young brand on our website, is holding the idea of optimizing the details and improving the quality of life as the goal to support us to keep moving forward. We are devoted to providing you with high quality kitchen and bath products including cooking tools, duster tools, carpet and so on. Keeping creative is the power that inspires us to provide you with the better products and the best service. Now, let’s optimizing the world from  each small thing together. Thank your for the honor you give to us. So now have the honor with Honana!!!

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