Hiseeu FH1C IP Camera Review


You may be wondering how to secure your home or a workplace. You do not need security since technology is here with you. Cameras are one of the most available, trustworthy and efficient ways of securing your place. Hiseeu FH1C IP is one of the best home depot security cameras. For around forty dollars, you can get a single piece or approximately seventy-five dollars for a pair. Whether placed on tables, walls or ceilings, the Hiseeu FH1C IP does the task its intended task.

home depot security cameras

Why Hiseeu FH1C IP camera?

High Definition 2.o megapixel 1080P giving you the best quality picture you can imagine. with1920 by 1080 resolution, you can view subjects and actions taking place. Remember the more full the frame, the more precise the image.home depot security cameras

Compatibility with android, windows and IOS operating systems enables you to access the footage easily. Whether using a computer or a smartphone, you can have a look at what’s going on your home depot security cameras monitoring your premise’s security in your hand.

The camera has a clear night vision enabling you to track all the actions clearer. As you intend to keep your place safer, the clarity for night footages strengthens the security you need.

home depot security cameras

The ability to detect motion and send the details to your emails keeps the security tight. In case something suspicious happens, the camera automatically alerts you offering the best lookout expected.

The Hiseeu FH1C IP pans at 335 degrees and tilts at 110 degrees offering you maximum coverage. These movements help to cover actions and a more extensive area thus aiding in attaining the security needed.

Faster connection to the WiFi enables you to monitor footages captured on your phone or computer screen. You do not necessarily need a control room but a simple smartphone does the role.

home depot security cameras

When you do not have an internet connection, you can still connect to the camera with the AP mode meaning you can install the cameras wherever you want. A two month SD card recording keeps the camera active for the period of time. You can capture all the actions for the time the SD card runs on your camera.

The audio and talkback keeps you aware of the surrounding and helps much in ensuring that the actions are captured with sound enhancing clarity needed. The camera weighs just 275 g helping it stay attached to the surfaces of choice without the fear of detachment. As you opt to connect the camera on walls or ceiling, safety is an assurance.

home depot security cameras

Containing a camera, a power supply, bracket, set of crews, Lan cable, and a user manual, Hiseeu FH1C IP camera is one of the most affordable and fantastic home depot security cameras. Grab one for around forty bucks on Banggood, and you won’t regret.

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