Home Decorating Tips with Flower Pots


Have you ever seen an amazing flower pot or a decoration that had you on the verge of stealing it? Well, not really a good reason to commit a crime but lacking colors and patterns would probably plant you some new and fresh ideas. The thing is, every gardener has his own secret about dealing with decorations and producing everyday ideas about structuring and forming some new visage, the tickling imagination of the viewers.

decorative flower pots

In any case, there are no reasons to worry, there is no need to take any classes or to search for some certain knowledge in order to master decorating, considers that here you will see some of the best home decorating tips with wholesale flower pots.


1. Try not to make it too colorful.

Th every first mistake of every gardener is making his or hers flower decoration ‘boiling’ with numbers of different colors, mixing all the unmatchable contrasts. Sometimes, simple colors will add fresh breath to the whole house, if matched correctly, from the darkest to the brightest for an example. Yellow is known to be a very exciting combination and it matches lime-green surroundings.

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2. Pick an attractive flower pot.

It may not seem important at the moment, when leafs start to bloom on the window and terrace tables, making you proud of your artisan work but flower pots are sometimes holding a great part of the decoration appearance. Buying an elegant round planter and dipping it in a bit of white or sky-blue paint will make your plant-squad even more unique. You can always try something new like hanging flower pots, preserving your own style and presenting new decorations in a more fashionable and visible manner.

hanging flower pots

4. Play with geometry.

Make your lines of flower pots asymmetrical or spread them in groups of four. Play a game of inverting, making different shapes like circles and squares in the corners of your living room. In many cases, a poor layout will ruin the hard work that gardener stands behind and it’s the fact that every line must have its own design. Time of putting decorative flower pots on the staircases is maybe long gone but there are plenty of ways to show yourself as your own chef of planning with some new mosaics.

hanging flower pots

5. Pallet

This is probably nothing unexpected but still, it fascinates how amazing it can be with just a little amount of work. Attach your pots to a pallet, find a good one and decorate even pallet to gain more style on it. Leave the free space for the pallet to breathe and maintain its appearance. It will be a real masterpiece, in just a few hours of work.

wholesale flower pots

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