Here are Some Smart Home Products for Your Domestic Life


As we all know, smart home products have been a part of our lives, like the smart cleaning robot, or the smart socket or switch, which have made our life better than ever. And you might be looking for something smart to make your home a little bit smarter than it used to be. As a green hand, something simple might be great. And here are some amazing products that I want to share with you.

Digoo DG-TH8888 Pro

Digoo DG-TH8888Pro Color Wireless Weather Station Home Thermometer USB Outdoor Forecast Sensor Clock

The Digoo has provided you different kinds of smart home products, like the smart switches, even drinking bottles. However, here is the new one as a thermometer or humidity sensor for you.

Check here: Digoo DG-TH8888 Pro

Handheld Coffee Capsule Machine

Barsetto Portable Hand Press Coffee Maker Mini Handheld Espresso Pods Coffee Capsule Machine

Are you a coffee lover? If so, here might be the coffee capsule machine which is portable for you to make a cup of coffee wherever you want.

Check here: Handheld Coffee Capsule Machine

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