Have a Try on Fragrant Plants for Small Space


If you like gardening, you can find out gardening can do anywhere though not having a yard. Even if it is tiny, there is still space that can create a small garden. In a small space like a balcony or small deck, using plants that give off a scent can make small place brighten. Hence, why not planting some to welcome the coming spring? Just some simple gardening tools, plants seeds, soil and containers can make it happen. Here are some popular fragrant plants which are perfect for small space.

gardening tools

Lavender: Romantic purple color blossoms with green leaves and special, sweet fragrance, lavender is elegant and pretty. It is basically drought tolerant and likes plenty of sun. And it is also important to remember to cut off the dead flowers – as you cut them off, the plant will be triggered to produce more! Besides, dead blossoms are useful as well, you can collect a bundle and keep it by your bed to help you have a good sleep.

gardening tools

Scented Geranium: In general, Geraniums are easy to grow and scented ones are no different. They’re propagated easily (like succulents, they will often take just by cutting off a stalk and sticking it in some dirt). This is what I planted closest to the seating area on my deck so that anyone sitting close by would be enveloped with the subtle odor that comes from this plant’s leaves.

gardening tools

Gardenias: This is also one of my favorite fragrant plants; however, I have literally never had any luck with growing them. I buy them and they are flowering and then the never flower again, eventually they die. But I know others who have had tremendous success and nothing beats the smell that comes from those magical white blooms.

gardening tools

Mint: It is a magical plant because you can eat the leaves, drink the tea made from the leaves. Besides, you can easily grow this plant from its seed. As there are different kind of mints, lemon mint seeds are the one I would like to have a try and they grow so nice.

lemon mint seeds

Of course, roses, freesia and jasmine are also my favorite plants, so do you have a favorite?

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