6 Creative Ways Of Organizing Shoes In A Small Space


In today’s world where you need to have shoes for just about every event, your shoe collection may overwhelm your space. Therefore, you have to know how to organize the shoes especially you live in a small room. There are creative ways in which you can organize your shores in a small space.

hanging shoe rack

Use Baskets or Cubbies To Store Sneakers

Sneakers are generally built to withstand rough surroundings than most shoes. As such, you can use baskets to store them in the house. You can go as far as labelling everyone’s own basket to have people in the house confused on which basket to look when trying to find their own.

hanging shoe rack

Hang Sandals

Sandals are the most flexible shoes that you can organize. But while looking for creative ways, you can use wire hangers to hold them in pairs, which will reduce the amount of space you will have used if you had placed the shoes sole-down.

hanging shoe rack

Use A Grid

A wire grid can be used to achieve many purposes. It can be one of the most creative ways you can use to organize your shoes. A grid gives you a good layout to use to organize your shoes as you can use to place shoes soles-down, especially for shoes such as stilettos.

hanging shoe rack

Over The Door Organizer

Contrary to many peoples opinions, there are some over-the-door organizers that look great. If you browse on the internet, you will find one that looks great and can store lots of shoes, which will make it easier to spot out which you want to use on a particular day.

hanging shoe rack

Hang Boots

To organize boots that will have a tendency flap and take up more space, you can hang them by using peg-like hooks. You can use the hooks to hang the boots on rods in your closet, which will make your space look more organized and easy to access.

hanging shoe rack

Use Shoe Bins

For example, if you have a large number of doll shoes, you need to get yourself shoe bins to organize your space. Doll shoes will easily fit in the shoe bins, and with them build to stand rough conditions you can place a number of them in one bin and still find them easy to locate.

hanging shoe rack

Hanging Shoe Rack

Hanging shoe racks are very popular with a number of people favouring them. If you want your space to look attractive, then a hanging shoe rack is the way to go. It won’t take much of space because all you will do is to find an empty wall to hang your rack.

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