Hanging Garden


Hanging Gardens of Babylon is one of the eight wonders of the world. It is said that it use three-dimensional air garden gardening practices and put the garden on the top of four platforms. What’s more, it was built by asphalt and brick, 25-meter-high platform pillars, and irrigation systems, linking slaves kept pushing forward gear handle.

hanging garden

In this garden, it has a variety of flowers and trees, which looks like a garden hanging in the air. However, the hanging Gardens has always been a mystery.

With the development of economy and technology, people can have their own hanging garden personally. Do you have a garden at home?

hanging garden

There is a sky garden, summer has come. Drinking tea and chatting in the garden and seeing the sights, you will feel so relaxed. And our little house will be filled with natural atmosphere, unique design will allow you to enjoy life and make life more exciting.

Hanging Garden

Ecology Architecture can be understood and applied to modern landscape. Physiology and human psychological effects can be produced. People can get a good balance between man and nature. Man and nature can have a harmonious relationship.

But how to decorate and design our hanging garden? You need some garden decorations. First of all, placing two chairs in your garden, so you can have some space to enjoy the surrounding environment.

hanging garden

However, simple is often better, use a long strip of wooden pots and plant some green bamboo, glass is used as fencing, so this space forms a natural shade. Sleeping on two chairs, when the sun is strong, you can still feel comfortable and warm.

hanging garden

Decorating pool roof space is a good choice, if it is summer it is very comfortable.

Design a pond on the platform when summer comes, but also feel the Lotus flowers in the sunshine atmosphere. With these hanging garden decor, your garden will become very beautiful.

If you have a small roof space, it can be designed as a small balcony. Put a small wooden table, two small rattan chairs, put the soft cushions, showing a fresh leisurely corner.

The roof terrace has excellent vision, the roof of the air is exceptionally fresh, use gravel paved ground, showing a natural taste, but also has good drainage. At the side of the green planting greenery, shade become very good place. Strong selection of furniture, can be withstood winds.

The Hanging Gardens of the design was actually looking ahead, deep green, are placed at the side of the two rattan single chair, when you sit on it, feel the green world, the mood has become comfortable.

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