How to Grow Red Maple Tree


Red maple tree is a sign which shows fall has come. Especially in late autumn, red maple trees fall its leaves on the street that romantic most of us. I have to admit they are the gift of god to make fall special.
red maple tree seedsSince you always enjoy the red maple view at park in fall, do you want to have one in your garden? As garden hobbiers, act more than words. Let’s do it.
red maple tree seedsTo begin with, we need to get fresh, new season red maple tree seeds, you could either picking them up off the ground under a tree or purchasing them online.
red maple tree seedsred maple tree seedsAllow the seeds to stratify. Naturally, the seed has been through a winter period after falling naturally off the tree, so stratification is the scientific tern used to describe allowing the seed to experience an extended period of cold for at least 90-120 days. So you need to store the seeds in a zipper bag for at least 90-120 days in the refrigerator. The temperature should be kept between 33 -41 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the seeds in a 50/50 mixture of sand and peat moss in a perforated plastic Ziploc bag.
red maple tree seedsAfter the stratification, plan the seeds in 6 inches pots and keep them inside until the danger of frost is over. Seeds should be sown in a sandy loam, about 1/2 inch under the surface. Water regularly, in this time a normal irrigation equipment would help.
red maple tree seedsOnce sprouted, seeding should receive about 50 percent shade. Transplant them outdoors after danger of frost when the seedlings are about 4 inches high or have developed their second set of ‘true’ leaves. Then at the moment, what we should do is by waiting and blessing it a healthy, growing tree.
red maple tree seedsNow, you can have a try of this method, maybe you can get your red maple tree next year.

red maple tree seeds

red maple tree seeds

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