Get a Xiaomi Mi A2 For $0.01 in the Banggood Summer Prime Sale


Since the establishment of the One Cent Snatch, it has been popular among people. It not only enhances the interaction between Banggood and its customer but also makes its customers benefit more from the game. As Banggood summer prime sale is in full swing, One Cent Snatch will be upgraded, coming with more wonderful gifts. Starting on June 30th and ending July 14th, the One Cent Snatch special activity of the Banggood summer prime sale will be available twice every three days. And as the blowout sale of the Banggood summer prime sale approaches, the gifts will be richer and richer. Due to the time difference between different areas, the time to start differs from area to area. Please remember that the beginning time is based on Bejing time. Do not miss it.

Banggood summer prime sale

Why You Shouldnt Miss 0.01 Snatch Now?

In the One Cent Snatch special activities of the Banggood summer prime sale, more products from famous brands are available for you, such as UMIDIGI S3 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, UMIDIGI F1, Xiaomi Mi A2, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Smartphone, Original LeEco Le 2, Kospet Optimus Pro and so on. It is said that the prize is unprecedentedly rich in the $0.01 Snatch of the Banggood summer prime sale. So why you can miss it?

Why You Should Join Banggood Membership Now?

However, if you do not want to miss this best deal, becoming a member of Banggood is a must. This is because it is only available for Banggood members. Besides, Banggood always provide the best deal for their new users. During the Banggood summer prime sale, the new user benefits will be more wonderful than ever before. How can you miss this great chance to become a member of Bangood?

The new user benefits are as follows:

Those who register to be a member of Banggood now can be given a coupon package which is valued at $100. More than that, there are more new user benefits including Points Goods and Three Order Rewards for you. So if you are still not the member, please click here to grab the special benefits and  participate in the One Cent Snatch activity to get your prize.

Banggood Summer Prime Sale

About the Coupon Package

The coupon package will contain several coupons which are totally valued $100. They are available for only new users who registered in the last 30 days. That is to say, the coupons are only valid for 30 days so you should remember to use them within 30 days.

About Points Goods

Most people will be puzzled at where the points come from for a new user and how to buy a product with points. Here I will tell you that once you register to the new user of Banggood with e-mail and confirm the registering in your e-mail, 50 points will be sent to your account. Besides, the new user also can gain points from the first three orders because points will be gifted to you once your first three orders are shipped. With the points, you can buy a product in the featured deals that are only available for new users.

Note: There is only one time for new users to exchange points for a product. And

this right is only valid for 24 months.

About Three Order Rewards

The rewards include points rewards and 2% cash back. Each reward will be available for one per user. You can get rewards on the Activity page and Activity Zone page.

To know more about new user benefits, please check here.

How to Join?

After becoming the user of Banggood, you can join the One Cent Snatch activity to get your Xiami Redmi Note7. However, how to join this game well? Let me show the way and the rules for you. There are two ways to join this game including Big Draw and Group Draw.

Big draw:

Prizes are limited, and winners are drawn from all completed teams. Only one member is randomly chosen from each selected team, while other team members get nothing.

For example, this snatch round began at 9:00 and ended at 10:00. There are one hundred prizes for this round. There are 1,000 completed teams, but only 100 people can win. 100 teams are randomly selected. Then in each of the selected teams, there is only one member who will win.

Group draw:

Winners will produce among team participants. Prizes are limited and allocated in advance to the teams who completed first. Each team has only one winner.

For example, this Snatch round begins at 10:00 and ends at 11:00. There are 100 prizes for this round. The first 100 teams that have full members before 11:00 are selected, and one member of each selected team is randomly chosen to win.

All rights are reserved by Banggood.

How To Participate:

Click on a product to enter the product details page and enter the order payment page by purchasing. After completing payment, follow the prompts to invite a friend to join your team.

Your friend opens the app through the shared link, joins the team, and completes the order payment.

If enough of your friends join before the countdown ends, the team will be eligible for the lucky draw. Each team contains at least three participants.

Winning results are available within 1 hour after the event ends. Winning orders are shipped, and everyone who did not win or failed to complete a team receives a refund in their BGpay account.

Note: You can check the BGpay account balance in My Account.

For more rules about how to join the One Cent Snatch , please check here.

Banggood Summer Prime Sale is going with full force, so is the One Cent Snatch. So join the Banggood family now to get the benefits you deserve. Everyone is born with good luck. One Cent Snatch is created for everyone. So just join the game now and you will get your big prize.

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