Garden Lights: Different types and how to use them



Setting the outdoor décor of a home, a garden or a park is a common trend in our society. These have been done during different occasions such as wedding parties or even done for the general purpose of decoration. One of the major ways it is done is by use of garden lighting.

Garden lights
There are many good reasons to install garden lights in your garden. Garden lights come in many different forms, and the various areas of your garden will benefit the most from certain types of light fitting.
What follows is a breakdown of the various types of garden light and the areas they tend to work best in.

Garden wall lights

Garden wall lights are different from spotlights in that they are decorative light fittings that both provide light to an outdoor area and look good in their own right. Most wall lights are mains powered but there are solar and battery powered options out there as well.

Garden spike lights

Spike lights are mounted on top of a short spike, which is pushed into the ground at the desired location. They can be mains, battery or solar powered, so you have the freedom to choose the best option for your requirements.
Prices can range from $5 to $25, and good quality solar or battery powered spike lights give you complete flexibility in where you locate them in your garden.
Garden spike lights is best used in or around flowerbeds, lawns and paths.

LED candle lights

Garden lights

Candle light is ideal for creating a warm, cosy atmosphere in the evenings. LED candle lights provide a realistic effect, last a lot longer than real candles and aren’t affected by the wind. Use with patio furniture or along the edges of paths and water features.

In-ground lights

In-ground lights are essentially a spotlight that is embedded in the ground, with the face of the fitting sitting flush with the surface of the ground. In-ground lights are most commonly used at the edges of driveways and paths, and IP68 rated fittings can be completely submerged in water features. They can also be installed horizontally into the face of steps and walls.

Outdoor Floodlights

Floodlights emit a very wide beam of bright light, and are usually used as security lights with a PIR sensor.
Generally, using floodlights in your garden will simply wash out the effects of any other lighting, however they can be used in a similar fashion to spotlights when positioned at ground level.
If you have a large tree or wall that you want to light up, a floodlight at the base of the feature might be more effective than a spotlight, due to the higher light output.

lantern lights

String lights and lantern lights are used for decorative purposes, and can be used along walls, tree branches, bushes and gazebos. Opt for battery or solar powered lights for an affordable and versatile solution, or invest in mains powered for permanent use.

Deck lighting

Deck lighting fittings are similar to in-ground light fittings. The difference is that they are shorter as they will be fitted into wood rather than the ground. They can, however, also be used as ground lights if conditions allow, for example in small flowerbeds or rockeries.

Garden lights


Garden lights helps you to achieve a beautifully lit garden as quickly and efficiently as possible. Gardens these days are used as a relaxation center for visitors. Why not give your visitors a reason to keep coming back by getting those beautiful garden lights. They are available and very affordable. So go get yours today.

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