A Functional Faucet for Your Convenient Use


Tap is the popular title of water valve which is used to control the switch of water stream, with the function of saving water. In the past, faucet was made roughly because of the limitation of productive power and science and technology. At present, with the development of technology, faucet is the perfect combination of decoration and function,which can satisfy people’s pursuit of convenience and aestheticism. So the tap, as the necessary equipment of kitchen, must be enough convenient, decorative and functional for you to use. Here is a wonderful faucet for you.

Single Handle Sink Faucet

Single Handle Sink Faucet

  1. Good quality and high-end look

Handle Sink Faucet is made from solid brass construction body so it will be not easy to be broken. And it have been tested by 100% factory pressure so you can use it without any worry.

A gloss coat of chrome polished finish makes the body of the Single Handle Sink Faucet  look high-end,  turning it into the combination of luxury and simplicity, which is very suitable for the modern home decorative style.

Single Handle Sink Faucet

  1. Convenience and ecology

It is specially designed with 360° Swivel spout and rotatable neck in different directions. It is very suitable to be installed between two sinks so you can use it in two sinks without need to install two tap. And when you do not need to use it, you can adjust it to the other direction by rotating its neck, which will not hinder you.

Besides, adjustable water control button allows it to have a dual spray controls including spraying and streaming. So you can push the button to choose spray controls according to your needed water intensity and water consumption so as to achieve the goal of saving water with the drip-free ceramic disc cartridge that strongly functions in the prevention of leakage. It completely fulfill the need of ecology.

Single Handle Sink Faucet

  1. Fit for house decoration and easy installation

Because of its simplicity and luxury, single handle sink faucet is perfectly used for the decoration of home, hotel, restaurant and so on. And it is very easy for you to install it by following the instruction. If you are planing to change your tap at home, you can buy it.

Single Handle Sink Faucet

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