Fully Functional and Hygienic Xiaomi Smart Toilet Seat


A toilet is a place where you need to maintain highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene because an unhealthy toilet habit can result in various types of diseases and infections. And the best way to ensure you are not a victim of some bacterial infection in your toilet is by avoiding hand contact. Thanks to Xiaomi smart toilet seat that brings in a perfect hygiene solution for your home. This seat is no ordinary one and instead, comes with technologically advanced features with a user-friendly control panel.

Xiaomi toilet seat

Key Features

The Xiaomi toilet seat comes with various control buttons that serve different purposes. You can set the water temperature that comes from the nozzle along with the pressure. The self-cleaning nozzle comes out with a touch of a button and the water ejects fro it. There are two outlets in the nozzle that enables you to clean the private areas for a fresh and hygienic feel. The cleaning nozzle comes with an inbuilt UV sterilization module that prevents any bacterial formation around it. It also purifies the water that helps in effective washing. The massage effect from the nozzles helps with partial blood circulation on delicate areas. There is also a button that enabled the movement of the nozzle back and forth for a perfect wash.

Xiaomi toilet seat 

LED Lighting

This toilet seat comes with LED illumination that is convenient for use in the night. So you do not have to turn on the bathroom lights when you wake up in the middle of the night to use your toilet. This helps you avoid disturbing your loved ones. And you need not struggle to find the switch in your toilet in the dark.

Feminine cleaning system

The Xiaomi smart toilet seat comes with a nozzle on the side rim to help women clean the genital and anus areas. This is greatly beneficial for them during menstruation time when they are required to pay extra attention to hygiene. So Xiaomi toilet seat contributes towards overall health of women during their periods.

Xiaomi toilet seat

Four temperature levels

The control panel located on the right side of the toilet seat allows you to adjust the temperature of the water with four levels. It not only heats up the water but the toilet seat as well. So this makes it very comfortable to use during winters and other cold climate conditions. You can adjust the pressure of the water depending on your preference too. For kids, you can set a lower temperature and pressure settings ideal for delicate skin.

 Xiaomi smart toilet seat

Safety Standards

Xiaomi smart toilet seat is designed with the IPX4 waterproof body that ensures no water enters the electrical area or the control panel. The emergency auto shut down powers off the unit in case of electrical leakage. So it is safer to use at homes, offices, and hotels too.

 Xiaomi smart toilet seat

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