[Free Gifts] Lovable Throw Pillows for Your Companion


Have you been looking for the HOTTEST throw pillow for a loooooong time? Are you obsessed with those cute cats and dogs that you couldn’t have one? Here is the newest 3D dog cat throw pillow that could melt your heart, and finally, you could get a cat or dog as for companion.

3D dog cat throw pillow

These nifty pillows which are modeling realistic could be hugged as the pillow or used as room decor. With those big and beautiful eyes, those cats show emotions that are different from each other.

3D dog cat throw pillow

3D dog cat throw pillow

The Persian cat in white is super adorable with its bigger eyes, and it looks like that the cat is begging you for the food.

3D dog cat throw pillow

Different from the Persian cat, the seriousness of the Siamese seems a little bit tense and funny.

3D dog cat throw pillow

However, as far as I am concerned, there is no denying that all of them are super cute, and I can’t help loving them anyway.

3D dog cat throw pillow

Except for their lovely appearances, they are also pretty soft and plush to touch, which might be the reason why you can hardly tear yourself away from them. As for the comfortable and soft feeling, those pillows are made out of fluffy cloth and PP cotton. It’s the spongy pillow insert that make those lovable pillows much chubbier. For all the reason that I have shown you, how could you resist this cutie anymore? What’s more, have you heard them begging you to take them home from Banggood?

3D dog cat throw pillow

What’s more, it’s easy for you to clean them and refresh them again, since their pillowcases could be removed. As for washing them, you need to put their pillowcases into the warm water. By using the proper detergent, you could wash them thoroughly with your hands. It’s pretty easy, right? The last thing you have to do is letting them dry out under the sun.

3D dog cat throw pillow

Luckily, you could get this cutie for free now, and let’s see the details of this promotion down below.

Details of the Promotion

1.You are required to have at least 200 followers in Tumblr.

2.Share the post on Tumblr and it shouldn’t be removed from your homepage in 24 hours. The italics in the brackets should be included in the description when you share the post. (Share this post and you will have a chance of receiving a lovely 3D pet pillow for free from Banggood.com. Before you take part in the promotion, you can get more information about the pillow here. http://goo.gl/ad1RsF)

3.Email us the link of your Tumblr homepage and the screenshot of your followers to guyingqi@banggood.cn.

4.For the top five accounts with the most followers, we will send one of the pillows to each one of you.

5.This promotion will be valid before August 1, 2015. Banggood.com reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw the promotion at any time without notice.

6.We will post the list of winners on our blog. Our staff will contact them for further information after the promotion ends.

7.For any information about this promotion, you can contact this email: guyingqi@banggood.cn

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