Five Ways That Will Give Your Ceiling a New Look


Your house deserves a complete internal design, which will keep you adore it. The fifth wall i.e. your ceiling is one of the parts of your home that you might forget to either decorate it or ignore it knowingly. You should pimp it until it offers the relaxation that comes with being out during a clear night whenever you look at it. Here are five ways you can give your ceiling a facelift.

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  1. Gold leaf

Are your meals boring due to a dull surrounding? If this is, your problem then molding a gold leaf shrub in your dining room is the medication that you need. This should also be used to direct your furniture and curtain selection in the dining room.

3d wall decals

  1. 3D wall decals

3D wall decals are another alternative that will make every visitor who looks up in your house have a compliment. You are free to choose your favorite flower as the decal that will add value to your ceiling. The super floral decoration is a great choice although having a family tree 3D sticker is another worthy choice. Moreover, you can pick your lovely pet to be the factor that informs your internal décor or generally if you love animals then use them to add value to your upper wall. Please remember that anything including your sport and all natural features can be part of your 3D wall decals.

3d wall decals

  1. Stenciled ceiling

Old is gold and resorting to this Spanish traditional decoration will never disappoint you. It is better than the plain ceilings that make your house too gloomy to be inhabited by a person who wants to enjoy life. Choose the paint that will calm your brain when you look at your ceiling before falling asleep.

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  1. Wall-to-ceiling design

As you pay excess attention to your walls, mind the importance of your ceiling. The wall-to-ceiling internal décor makes sure that this vital fifth wall is not forgotten as you do final touches to your house. Extending the wallpapers on your walls to the ceiling can make your kitchen a unique destination.

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  1. Fabric décor

There are special fabrics that can be used to beautify your ceiling. For instance, an artistically decorated block fabric is all you need to enjoy the magic of a great ceiling. However, it is advised that you look for the best artist to bring out what you want on your fabric.

3d wall decals

In conclusion, your ceiling is as important as the other walls. It needs the care and investment just like the other walls in your house. Whether you choose the 3D wall decals, fabric décor, stenciled finish, gold leaf or a wall-to-ceiling finish; make sure that your ceiling is a template piece that your friend will love to ape.



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