Have You ever Heard of Water Powered Alarm Clock?


Alarm clocks have been around us for quite a time now and have become an essential part of our lives. In fact, you cannot start your day on time if you do not have an alarm clock on your bed’s side table. They help you start your day in the morning by ringing a bell that wakes you up. It is because of these alarm clocks that you reach work on time every day. They come in different sizes and colors and there are tons of alarm clocks available all around the world.water power alarm clock While most of the alarm clock manufacturers use the same old sources to power their clocks, there are only a few genius people around us who can actually think something out of the box. Loskii is one of alarm clock manufacturers that have done this miracle. You would have heard of many power sources, but have you ever heard of water powered alarm clocks?

water power alarm clock

Yes, the Loskii water power alarm clock uses water as its power source. How does it work? There is an entrance on the clock through which you can put water into it. It has a converter in it that extracts the electrons from the water and generates a steady flow of current that keeps the alarm clock alive for next two weeks once the tank is filled. That’s why they are also called eco-friendly hydrodynamic water power alarm clocks.

 desk clocks


This water power alarm clock comes in a beautiful shape of a water droplet. It has a large LCD screen that displays readings for temperature, humidity, time, weather and alarm. The screen is made of ABS anti-scratch material. It has a snoozing function which you can turn on or off according to your needs. You can turn it on when you do not want to wake up early in the morning. So water power alarm clocks are also used as desk alarm clocks.

 desk clocksOn below of the screen, there are five prominent buttons through which you control the functions of the clock. By using these buttons, you can set alarm time, turn snooze on or off, check temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit or select functions by pressing up key button’. You can also set time in 24-hour or 12-hour format.

 water power alarm clock

This 239g clock can also be used as a desk clock on your office table as it looks really beautiful. Its ocean blue color and droplet shape makes it a really cute timing device that can be used at work or home with equal ease and comfort.

cool alarm clocks

Aside from being eco-friendly, these cool alarm clocks are very inexpensive. You will not have to sacrifice much to buy such an alarm clock for you. Furthermore, you can also buy it as a gift for your friend’s birthday. As long as it remains in use, it will remind your friend of you. Loskii Water power alarm clocks cost only $20.

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