Enjoy The World Cup 2018 By Using the BlitzWolf BW-SDB1 Soundbar


The World Cup is finally happening. Everyone has been waiting for it for the last 4 years. Due to the inconveniences of traveling from continent to continent, people prefer to watch their countries and favorite teams play in the comfort of their homes.

blitzwolf soundbar

When watching your team play, the sound quality is important as it distinguishes a breathtaking football experience from a regular one. To get the utmost beauty of being a football fan, you need to upgrade your speakers.

 blitzwolf soundbar

Why you need the BlitzWolf soundbar.

The Blitzwolf soundbar is all you need to convert your living room into a mini-stadium. It improves the sound quality of the commentary track and the fan cheers. You feel like you are among the thousands of fans cheering and booing on the pitch. The following features of BlitzWolf Soundbar make it the ultimate must-have entertainment device.

blitzwolf soundbar


-Six ways of connection: Bluetooth, Coaxial, Optical, 3.5 mm AUX, USB, and HDMI.

– A power output of 60W.

– 6 range speakers and 2 diaphragms.

-Weight: 3.96 Lbs.

-Color: Black.

Smart Soundbar

Advantages of Blitzwolf Bluetooth speakers:

Sound quality: The sound quality emanating from the BlitzWolf smart soundbar is of the highest quality. The perfect frequency and pitch levels for your own comfort. It magically turns boring TV speaker sounds to entertaining rhythmic waves of sound. Increase the amount of enjoyment when watching films and football matches.

Smart Soundbar

Connectivity: The speakers are designed to take in any kind of connection. It increases compatibility with a wide range of devices. Equipped with both wireless and wired connection, it also has a Bluetooth module for connection with devices. No connectivity issues will be experienced when using the BlitzWolf soundbar.

Smart Soundbar


The smart soundbar can easily be connected in 6 ways to nearby devices. No matter the choice of device you use, setting it up is a clear and quick process. Setting it up is a simple set of 3 steps and you are ready to watch World Cup at its finest.

It also comes with a long range remote control, regulating volumes is and changing connected devices made easier.


Smart Soundbar


Nothing should come between you and an amazing football watching experience. These moments are rare and should be enjoyed to the fullest when they come by. Get yourself a BlitzWolf soundbar to enjoy stadium-like surround sounds from the comfort of your living room. It also brings the movie theater experience to your home, enjoy watching films with your family at home.

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