Enjoy Smart Home With Blitzwolf Smart Dimmer Light


No lighting solution is as elegant as having smart light switches and dimmers embedded in your walls. Houses keep getting smarter on matters technologically. From connected HVAC systems, security cameras, and even smart kitchen appliances, today it’s possible to integrate home components and control them through a local Wi-Fi network. Smart light switches are one way of configuring a home’s lighting to respond to verbal commands, program light timers, or notify the user via smartphone alerts of problems in the lighting system. One of these smart light switches is the Blitzwolf Smart Dimmer Light.it is on bangood at a discounted price of $18.99 from the original price of $35.99. What a deal, right?

Blitzwolf Smart Dimmer Light

Adjustability and control

With the Blitzwolf BW SS11, you can adjust the desired brightness and speed via the phone app, voice control, or manually via the LED touch panel. The brightness memory function is available for the last light setting when it is off. It supports dimmable LED bulbs up to 150W or 400W incandescent bulbs and 100W ceiling fans. The smart bulb cannot be dimmed with the smart dimmer switch.

Voice control

The Blitz Wolf BW SS11 smart controller works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant to free your hands; no hub or subscription required. Please enable the Gosund skill in the Alexa / Google app to pair. Remotely control your smart dimmer from anywhere via the Ground app; set schedules to turn electrical appliances on / off while at home or away. You can also share the application with your family members to control the device

Group and scene control

You can control your smart Gosund light switches by creating scenes for when you wake up; go to bed and so on. Note: a neutral wire is required; step-by-step instructions will guide you through the wiring process and it has a Standard size to fit any standard multi-band wall plate.

Gentle Off

The Blitzwolf Smart Dimmer Light Fade off your lights with simple double-clicks or set up your voice assistant to do it for you. It is perfect for slowly dimming the lights as your child drifts to sleep or to give yourself enough time to exit a room.


To qualify as a top pick, a smart switch must be easy to install and configure. It should also allow the user to control the lights remotely. If the switch is compatible with a smart-home system, it should integrate seamlessly. While the best smart switch will vary by user needs and existing home technology, the Blitzwolf Smart Dimmer Light is the best for its intuitive controls and dependable functionality. Make sure to grab yours at a discounted price: $18.99 from Its original price: $35.99 while stocks last.


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